A very good article about Turchin and cliodynamics theatlantic.com/magazine/archi

Though it is very clear that the whole "let's our way through history (and politics, and sociology, and anthropology, you get the point)" is still in its infancy, it is nonetheless very interesting

In 30 minutes join us for the second gathering where Carin Meier will talk about MxNet and then we will have a discussion about all things and zoom.us/meeting/register/8fe14

If you happen to be into , and (or if you'd like to learn more about the language) you have to check the completely revamped tech.ml stack! github.com/techascent/tech.ml

A shout-out to all people interested in and : we're organizing the community to move Clojure forward in the field and everyone is invited!!!

If out there there is some fellow interested in you might want to take a look at our upcoming new event: datasciencebologna.eu/category

Data science process & definition 

Boys, do I love Cassie's writing! This is an almost perfect definition about .

The only thing I would add is a function for deploying and monitoring all data solutions which in my opinion is its own matter.

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