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The first meeting in all of its glory! We talked about the stack and the brand new cljplot. If you care about data science & take a look at this:

A shout-out to all people interested in and : we're organizing the community to move Clojure forward in the field and everyone is invited!!!

is getting better at :

Here you can find a thorough tutorial on how to use my library (clj-boost) for XGBoost

But now the same functionality - and much more - is achievable with

Please, if you can try these libraries and let us know what you think about them!!! Anything would be really helpful!

One of the major issue with widespread adoption is probably libraries: many of them are old, abandoned (or feel like it), most of them never reach "1.0.0" or whatever.

The fact is that one of the major strengths of Clojure is the fact that even noobs can open libraries' code, understand most of it and modify/contribute to it pretty easily.

Hell, I contributed/modified more Clojure code in 9-12 months than since I started coding 7 years ago...

A detailed tutorial that's good even for newcomers on how to productively do machine learning with clj-boost

This year at Conj there were a lot of talks about AI! It looks like the thing is catching up and I'm very happy about it

I'm almost finished writing a blog post with a very brief tutorial to and to do machine learning with it by using

Stay tuned!

I'm implementing stuff from AIMA ( in .

I'm having a lot of fun, but I feel like this is going to be a slow process. Anyway feel free to take a look to the public repo from time to time!!!

I just released wrappers for XGBoost! Please let me know if you have any issue using them or some improvement proposal

And here is a coding environment for making live music by using data structures

Just a year ago I wouldn't have cared less about a new GC.

Me now: "Oh god! This is amazing!!! The new ZGC in Java 11 is going to be H-U-G-E!!! Think about all the possibilities especially with parallel stuff in !!!!"

Dear fellow Pythonistas if you ever feel the need to use something like this with Python (a library that let's you build functional pipelines) you might want to actually ditch Python and take a look at !

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