Very good talk about Geni from its creator: finally someone has built a very good wrapper/DSL around Spark that just works and makes it painless to start fidgeting around with a REPL

I'm getting so used to the fact that libraries come with a rationale that now I can't evaluate libraries for other languages without one.

This is annoying in a very weird way...

Another fast-forward way to let anyone work with Italian data and .

No worries, even if you're not Italian there's a mapping from Italian column names to English ones!

I've found "killer feature": in most languages you can either be elegant (e.g. Haskell) or productive (e.g. Python), rarely you can be both.

With programming in an idiomatic way means being elegant and very productive at the same time

This is just to let you know that panthera.numpy ( is actually a generic DSL for accessing and using EVERY package (yes, even on GPU) from

Don't hesitate to ask me anything about it

I'm announcing panthera: a wrapper around pandas and numpy for all your data sciencey work!

The library is still alpha, but there's already a lot of stuff to have fun with. So give it a run, if you like it star it and any kind of feedback is accepted!!!

I can't help it, after using the REPL for so long I can't settle for almost anything else. Anytime I have to touch the only way to have something similar is a Jupyter notebook, but then I hate notebooks...

Lucky enough now we can have the best of both worlds: Clojure expressivity & REPL + Python's boatload of machine learning libs!

In 30 minutes join us for the second gathering where Carin Meier will talk about MxNet and then we will have a discussion about all things and

This is an Excel file intermediate representation in in the library I'm developing

I'm pretty happy with the results so far!

About that Excel library I'm creating: the unoptimized, glued together version is already ten times faster than a solution!

If you happen to be into , and (or if you'd like to learn more about the language) you have to check the completely revamped stack!

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