A new hobby: watching old Simpsons episodes and make gifs from memorable scenes

Become a developer they say, it will be cool they say, you'll build very complicated things they say...

The reality is that today I'm spending half a day commenting all the movements and changes I made to several text files.

And this kids is what we in the industry like to call R E F A C T O R I N G

I just spent 2 full hours trying to understand why some Python code wouldn't just go past a certain point.

I was looking for breaks, continuations, passing, etc, but I couldn't find nothing.

In the end I saw it. In the middle of a random function in library code. I just want to die very slowly and change career asap... (answer in picture)

I'd really like to get an owl of some kind, I think that they're cute and majestic at the same time.

Oh and they are cool af considering that we're studying how they fly because they basically don't make any noise youtu.be/d_FEaFgJyfA

On the other hand I'd feel bad to keep one of these animals confined in a small space.

A good way to understand and explain "regression to the mean", is a picture of Lebron James and his son

This line of military trucks is taking corpses away from Bergamo, they are dead for and there are so many in so little time that they aren't able to burn them fast enough.

This is to say: STAY IN TOUR EFFING HOME. Wherever you are, stay at home. Don't go out, don't travel, don't go to run, don't take out the dog. Stay inside.

Nope, that's wrong. To make salsa you need tomatoes, onions only if you like them, but then ABSOLUTELY NO FREAKING BUTTER ANYWHERE, plus some salt and sugar.

Yes, sugar, just a very tiny itty bit, even less than you think it should. That's just to avoid the acidity of the tomato to become too strong.

So, to recap:

- tomato
- salt
- sugar
- onions and/or other vegetables only if you like (in very small quantities)

If you never thought that a 16 bit looking game couldn't look good without a nostalgia factor, think again and take a nice look at

I'm tired of seeing such charts as an example of why "data is the new [insert commodity]".

95% of those 50 Zettabytes are actually unusable garbage (mostly logs, ids, unusable user generated content, etc), the 5% that is usable is so spread on so many companies, sources, databases, etc that in the end what is really used in a meaningful way is more likely to be around 0.5%-1% of the total

Boy do I like expressivity! And simplicity! I bet that basically everyone can tell what's going on here

I don't like what many people find "idiomatic" in Clojure function arguments: free-floating couples of keys and arguments.

If I have a function with just a couple of options and they are mostly used one at a time then this solution works, otherwise I'd rather have a map.

This is because it becomes more clear that I want data as arguments and it gets muche easier to transform that data in many ways before passing them to a function.

Change my mind

People talking about Instagram shadowban, apparently automation tools are black hat...

This has to end. The glorification of entrepeneurship is becoming hurtful. All studies say the exact opposite: is not the CEO who dies of a stress induced heart attack, but his/her secretary. And that's because is control, or better the lack of it that induces stress and burnout

@yogthos not sure if you're the right person, but it appears that the luminus website is down

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