Can we all just say that chaining us to scrum or kanban or whatever just defeats the purpose of agile?

It's clear to me that agile basically says: this is a creative job, devs are the ones who sould be doing creative and critical thinking and they need the time and resources to do that when they need to.

That's it, all the rest is just fluff

@alan agile "frameworks" are essentially training wheels

@fool I agree with you, but unfortunately there's a whole industry around those frameworks, and since the devil is in the details implementation is what matters the most.

In a very large and traditional company I used to work with I saw a slide presenting the new organization of work and the result was a hierarchical structure of 'scrums' going up to the CEO who was the 'top scrum'.

That's the new cool and fresh waterfall with just a different name 😅

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