Communism is a system of social organization that has never been truly tried and, these days, never truly explained. Yet it inspires fear in some, derision in others, and an almost universal unconcern for what it is actually intended to convey.


In a slave economy, most of us are slaves. In a feudal economy, most of us are serfs. In a capitalist economy, we become the servants of a small class of capitalists.


@yogthos this is the actual truth. Everytime people follow the equation communism=USSR, or China, but that's just not true.

Marx never told us which form of government communism should have, but surely it wasn't total centralization and tiranny 😅

@alan on top of that, it's funny how any problems in capitalist countries are attributed anything but capitalism, but same issues in communist countries are considered to be inherent in communism.

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