I don't understand “data scientist”.
What “scientist” is not a “data” scientist?
If the focus is on extracting patterns and insight from large datasets, without expert knowledge about the particular domains, to assist decision-making, a might be what you need.
I'm happy to be educated by any reading this, though.


@tripu it's a very bad umbrella name for a series of very serious jobs. I prefer to split into different roles, but we don't have names for all of them yet.

Basically, either you are a data engineer (ETL, deploy, monitoring) or a machine learning engineer (one shot ETL, modeling, analysis), but there's a continuum between the two roles and one can very well be a mix between the two

In large companies one might even be dedicated to visualization and dashboard and would still be a data scientist

@tripu so a data scientist might very well be a statistician or a physicist for instance, but ideally a data scientist would be better at coding than the previous two.

I stress ideally, because I've seen many and most of them just code, in the sense that they are users of a language and don't really know how to build software

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