I'm torn: I'll have to spend a week to my parents' house and I don't know whether I should take my laptop.

On one side it would be nice to have some rest, on the other yesterday I had a great session on AIMA in Clojure and it would be nice to finish at least the agents chapter before the new year...

@alan oh I hear you... To be antisocial & productive, or polite & bored... I have a similar choice with my :rstats: courses ;)

@gwmngilfen I started out with R, it's a great way to learn programming and stats together 😃

@alan I'm liking it a lot - I'm an ex-sysadmin and Ruby dev, so programming is not unfamiliar, but R is a nice level of different :D

@gwmngilfen if you happen to like it, especially for its functional nature, you might want to try Clojure at some point

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