Though the digitization and subsequent archiving efforts are good per se, I still have a bad feeling about it: we perfectly know how to preserve paper and for how long it lasts, data centers? Who knows

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Woman Claims Geeks Are ‘Undateable’, Gets Shut Down Saying She’s Promoting Toxic Masculinity

The first meeting in all of its glory! We talked about the stack and the brand new cljplot. If you care about data science & take a look at this:

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When do you like to learn new stuff? For me at work at the moment is basically impossible, during the weekend I'm too tired and it seems too wrong to do it. That leaves me with a couple of nights during the week, but I feel like it isn't enough.

Saturday: today "pasta alla siciliana".

Which is: maccheroni, salsa, tuna and olives

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Digital advertisers are all happy about their "new" pop ups

If some person you know is concerned about privacy do them a favor and give them this link about VPNs: really well written and clarifying

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According to the Developer Survey, people who write Clojure are the highest paid developers globally, and second highest in the States.

I'm not sure who deserves more a slow painful death: "influencers" or the people following them

Google has a short memory. Is this MapReduce (and its derivatives) fault, or just a marketing strategy?

What would be the best way to index and serve the whole web? I'm thinking graphs since the web = knowledge and these things are never flat

This is unacceptable: our government wants to make mandatory vaccines "less mandatory". This is a violation of human rights since everyone has the right to be protected, even those who cannot take vaccines themselves for medical reasons!

So many data analytics and data management products and platforms are built with Clojure. But so many data scientists are still attached to Python. This is weird

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