People talking about Instagram shadowban, apparently automation tools are black hat...

Very cute piece about a (very tiny) slice of Southern Italy's culture.

There are a couple of ideas for places to visit in Naples as well

Another demonstration that Kaggle is mostly BS: they caught a 'Grandmaster' cheating to win a competition.

Bootstrapping a customer focused platform while working a 9 to 5 job can get pretty tough.

Keeping friends and family close and in the loop is a must to be able to survive in the long run

A LinkedIn bs filter would be very easy to implement: filter all people with more than one "|" in their job description.


It seems that our neurons are by themselves comparable to small neural nets.

Now the latest DNNs look a lot dumber in comparison

"The computer isn't an intelligent machine that helps stupid people, but it is a stupid machine that helps intelligent people"

Umberto Eco (philosopher, writer, professor, etc)

This contribution by the former Google's head of international relations should be appreciated.

Though, IMO, the premise is wrong: a company shouldn't even have something like a "head of international relations".

If they really need one, it means that the're more similar to a State than a company, and that's always bad.

This has to end. The glorification of entrepeneurship is becoming hurtful. All studies say the exact opposite: is not the CEO who dies of a stress induced heart attack, but his/her secretary. And that's because is control, or better the lack of it that induces stress and burnout

Missing the point as a bit 

I was thinking, if a vegan, who made the choice because killing animals is cruel and/or breeding is bad, etc, accidentally kills a bunny with a car, would they eat the bunny?

I mean, if the former is a logical choice, than yes, it's actually better than letting it go to waste

@yogthos not sure if you're the right person, but it appears that the luminus website is down

"Engineers use constraints to ensure that the systems they design do what they
intend. Appropriately applied, you can gain many benefits through constraints" from

And this is why software development is actually much more similar to "building a bridge" than we'd like to admit

"...fishermen near Southeast Farallon witnessed a pair of orcas kill a young great white that tried to nose in on the sea lion they were eating. The orcas bashed him to death then ate his liver."

Now I like orcas even more! 😍 (it's unfortunate for sharks, though)

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