I'm getting so used to the fact that libraries come with a rationale that now I can't evaluate libraries for other languages without one.

This is annoying in a very weird way...

Why masks are dumb? Simple, because at best they make others immune and not the wearer, so I'll always have the incentive to not wear one.

If everybody else has one than I can avoid wearing one and be safe. This the same with vaccines, but with the huge difference that vaccines work firstly on myself, and only incidentally and eventually helping others.

So let's focus on vaccines and drugs, these are the only way we can get out of this

It's not like there's a set of "all possible programs" where to draw them out according to hardware, business conditions, expected load and so on.

There are known components, languages and common rules to follow to ensure that the software won't collapse right away.

And that's it :)

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We like to reassure ourselves by saying that building software is not like building a bridge, but IMHO they are the same thing.

It's not like there's a set of "all possible bridges" where to draw them out according to terrain, wind conditions, expected load and so on.

There are known components, materials and common rules to follow to ensure that the bridge won't collapse under its own weight.

Now let's substitute "bridge" with "software".


- Put pasta and nothing else into the water
- Stir every 30 seconds (yes, you should stay there while it's cooking, don't leave it unattended)
- Check on the package for the time it needs for cooking, but when you're getting close to the time start tasting it, it's better to get it out earlier than you probably think it should
- Now you can eat!


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Since most of us are in lockdown many people will cook more at home. I'd like to help giving some tips on how to cook pasta properly.

- Get pasta made in Italy, for real, there's a lot of scam food around, be careful (for example Panzani is not Italian pasta)
- Get hard grain pasta, that's the best you can get (if you see 'bronze-drawn' that's even better)
- Put plain water into a pot, then put it onto a stove
- When the water is boiling (not earlier) put some coarse salt into the water


People in those countries, what I want to say to you is: you're better than this.

Don't trust what they're telling you, it's not true that you'll lose your pension, or your healthcare.

What is sure if we don't face this all together is that you're risking to die, to lose your relatives and your job.

Oh, and this is even funnier, if we don't find a common answer very soon it's very likely that history will simply delete and forget all of you

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But it looks like some countries (, , , , etc) are against recognizing that we're all together against this.

Maybe they are a few days behind the curve than other countries and they think they're some kind of RoboCop, immune to everything.

The truth is that they're willing to start seeing crematoriums working 24/7 until they break down, rather than giving up some power and money.


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Let me explain what's happening: there's a new virus spreading all over, no country is immune (in every sense of the word).

Now we found out that this generates health, social, economic and financial problems at levels unseen in decades.

In Europe we have something called EU that is supposed to be a common platform where to solve problems, and to me this looks like a good opportunity to show it.


Apparently it's still not clear to "Northeners" what's the situation right now.

Are you having few cases and few deaths? Just wait. You'll see.


If you didn't have "formal" training in and you are at a point where you can use some models to do "things", but you'd like to understand more about it, my suggestion for best book is: cambridge.org/core/books/machi

A good way to understand and explain "regression to the mean", is a picture of Lebron James and his son

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