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@alan I also feel the same way. My issue is the interpretability of DL models. Especially, when developed by people who lack knowledge in some basic ML concepts. This has frustrated me enough that I started a movement around what I call Shallow Learning. Most of what people think they need a DL model for, could easily be a good fit for logistic regression or some simple decision tree logic.

The more I study and understand deep learning the less I like it

I hope the people working for J&J who lied for all these years die a slow and very painful death

Since you might have lost it I recently published a thorough tutorial to doing machine learning in with

Your class taking objects, initializing them and applying methods to a data structure is a queue of functions. K.I.S.S.

I almost forgot that in this old post ("The most difficult thing in Data Science: Politics") I compared data scientists who are unable to communicate to Anton Chigurh (remember "No Country for Old Men"?) and I have to say that it is pretty spot on!!

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I never thought I'd see Microsoft throw in the towel on their browser engine. Or that, by the time it happened, I'd see that as a bad thing. Monoculture is still a problem, no matter who runs it. Firefox is going to be even more important in the future.

A detailed tutorial that's good even for newcomers on how to productively do machine learning with clj-boost

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@alan I agree, UK, Japan and New Zealand all are instantly recognisable as large islands. But Italia is different -- it is anthropomorphic, instantly relatable -- it is a leg (or boot).

Also, it's even more beautiful at ground level than it is from space! :)

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This year at Conj there were a lot of talks about AI! It looks like the thing is catching up and I'm very happy about it

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