So, it turns out that conda can't recreate an environment created on another OS

That's useful (not)

MySpace was good: dark background caring about our retinas, a lot of personalization options and by being based mostly about text, gifs and so on it was truly open.

Instagram on the contrary is classist: you need a decent camera, constantly interesting things to share, etc.

So we moved from an environment where you needed hard skills to stand out (writing, visual taste, etc) to another that rewards only one skill: "looking good".

And then we're surprised for IQ lowering in the western world

Since I don't enjoy small talk from time to time when something about weather pops up I start talking about forecasting and chaos theory, just for fun.

Usually the answer is a blank stare 馃ぃ

If people were paid by ability, inequality would plummet. Some may argue that top earners are simply super skilled, but that鈥檚 not what the evidence suggests. In other words, life under capitalism is a birth lottery where the winners live off the losers.

One day we will look at the current web and laugh about it exactly as we do now about the late 90s websites.

I really hope e-ink will become the standard in a few years and I can already feel my retinas hurt when I'll have to switch to a regular display to actually understand what's going on in an old website

I literally can't stop playing Dead Cells (!

The literal feedback loop is just so well balanced and satisfactory, though the mechanics are actually pretty simple

I hate fliers, I don't like to increase garbage and paper usage, but I also want people distributing them to get paid (they're likely to not get paid if they don't distribute all of them).

But if I get it I'm sending a wrong message to companies: people are still taking fliers, so they're working.

This is one of those conundrums that can be solved only by a regulatory body. Good luck to us

HR: "We're sending too many emails!!! Our time is precious!..."
Me: "Woah, that's nice, I didn't expect that!"
HR: "Instead of sending an email, meet in person or use Teams!"
Me: "Ok, now everything sounds as expected" 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

Me: "Can I be admin on my workstation?"
IT: "No"
Me: "Can I access it remotely?"
IT: "No"
Me: "So, I guess, no WSL then?"
IT: "Oh, sure, you can have that!"
Me: WAT :thisisfine:

What's Blockchain Actually Good for, Anyway? For Now, Not Much

Finally the hype is fading, 99.9% of companies and projects (even the "decentralized" ones) don't need a blockchain to be successful and reliable

I still think that if you're learning data science while learning how to code you should go with instead of .

I forgot to add that one of the proposed solutions is to change them back after the fact

:cate: the world hates me

I just found out in the worst possible way that pandas-profiling mutates column names without telling you!

This is SO bad!

Stop explaining black box machine learning models for high stakes decisions and use interpretable models instead

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