I can't help it, after using the REPL for so long I can't settle for almost anything else. Anytime I have to touch the only way to have something similar is a Jupyter notebook, but then I hate notebooks...

Lucky enough now we can have the best of both worlds: Clojure expressivity & REPL + Python's boatload of machine learning libs! github.com/cnuernber/libpython

I always say: "I have to do this thing, so in the meantime I'll just launch an apt upgrade", then I proceed to stay exactly where I was staring at my terminal listing all upgrades 😅

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"Once we build a generally intelligent system, basically we will ask it to figure out a way to make an investment return for you."

I didn't invent this, it came from the CEO of OpenAI


OSS is great! Why? This morning a girl contacted me because she had issues using mepcheck (github.com/alanmarazzi/mepchec) a Python package I wrote a couple years back. Because of it she now can conduct some previously very difficult research work, in the meantime she's learning Python and how to code and I think this is simply one of the coolest things ever!

Demistifying Machine Learning methods done the right way: "A visual exploration of Gaussian Processes"


It's a couple of years that I think that marketing is completely broken and should (and it is possible, trust me) be automated away ASAP


"Uber not only lacks powerful competitive advantages, but it is actually less efficient than the competitors it has been driving out of business."


I want this: 4 days working week. And it's not because I want to slack off, but because I'm sure I'll be more productive and happy.

Moreover this would let more people to pursue careers outside their cities: 3 nights a week away from home is basically a long weekend


LinkedIn is like Twitter, but instead of shaming people for personal matters the shame is towards poor and/or unemployed people. That's the way to go society!

Art. 20 of the GDPR is the real potential game changer, but since nobody knows about it and nobody asks about their data we're lagging way behind in what we could do with all that data

This talk by Brian Goetz (the Java architect) is one of the best things you can watch on Youtube youtu.be/2y5Pv4yN0b0

AGI and self-driving cars have been delayed (again, and again, and again...) rodneybrooks.com/agi-has-been-

I think that most AI based applications might be reduced to a smart graph structure. At this point serving and improving them becomes trivial

Fighting against common knowledge is freaking hard. For instance in Italy people are convinced that cold temperatures and direct bursts of air make you sick.

All Italians believe it. Even when then you ask them about Russians, Norwegians and so on that according to their belief should all be dead they won't accept the fact that it doesn't work like that.

This makes me very sympathetic towards Galileo, though surely on a smaller scale.

I'm starting to work on a possible SaaS solution: I'd like to give people the ability to develop small apps through an interface they already know and love.

That would be Excel. What do you think about it? Are there already established solutions in this realm?

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