I hate the assumption of dichotomy: am I critical of the externalities of capitalism? I must be a Marxist! Am I critical of Russian politics? I must be a pro American!

That’s not true in any way, I can dislike all of them in the same exact way, I might be focusing on just one at a time for reasons of time, clarity and simplicity.

This is another good example: nytimes.com/live/2022/05/14/ny

The guy was part of a culture where doing something like this is not just ok, but highly considered. So I am surely interested in understanding the reasons and the thoughts, but I’ll never justify the deed

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Cultural relativism was a school of anthropology in vogue in the USA at the beginning of the XXth century, since then we understood that it’s wrong and self defeating. We can understand why others do certain things, but we don’t have to justify them. An example? Infibulation. That’s just bad, however you look at it.

Fellow coders, how many of you feel they are doing meaningful work? By meaningful I mean useful to a very large number of people or actual value creation, if you’re working on the nth “app for that” or on something that just makes money for a small handful of people that’s not meaningful.

A nice note to know about : in the 90s they accepted to get their nuclear arsenal removed in exchange for security and a promise that nobody would invade them. Look for Budapest memorandum if you’re interested

In the meantime Russia is threatening nuclear war for the 25th time just this week.

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Climate chaos certain if oil and gas mega-projects go ahead.
So, my master’s thesis in energy macroeconomics was screaming “Europe get away from Russian gas, it’s possible and makes sense!”, this was about 8-9 years ago by the way, nobody listened (I was in touch with EU commission people) and now it’s late. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


Why do people love mocking objects so much? What the heck are you testing if you're mocking half of the things tested?

Elders are not considered as "proper people", the ongoing pandemic showed us just that.

In 1973 bad grain production sent meat prices to the roof, this is likely to happen again with the Ukraine crisis, but we already know what's going to happen in the US: at the time someone proposed to consume cheaper meat, like horse. People were disgusted, irrationally. Now the fun thing is that in Italy horse meat is considered a delicacy, and costs way more than bovine! Every society has taboos, think about this next time you want to complain about Islam and pork.

Men and boys among alleged rape victims of Russian soldiers in Ukraine | Ukraine | The Guardian
Wait, I thought there weren’t homosexuals in Russia

An Italian translation of my article "Information Warfare Is Without Limits and So Are Its Consequences" was published by Q Code Magazine!

Questo intervento sulla guerra #cibernetica – per capire meglio le dimensioni del conflitto fra #Russia e #Ucraina. qcodemag.it/interventi/la-guer

If you study the history of ancient China, you will discover that it is in fact possible to stop bureaucracy. The trick is to get every single bureaucrat, because if you leave even single one alive, they will immediately start rebuilding it, and soon you will find yourself sitting in a meeting reviewing the disappointing lack of progress of the five-year anti-bureaucracy plan.

Industrial capitalistic societies naturally trend towards extinction. Not a joke, it’s true. Happy May Day to you all.

Homo erectus lived for about 300,000 years, we exist since 100,000 years, I’m ready to bet erectus will forever be the longest living hominid.

Fun fact: Christian creationists believe and advocate that humans are born from cannibalism and incest. Let me explain: Eve was created from a rib of Adam (cannibalism), and you can already consider their union as incest, since they have the same "blood" in some way. Moreover, if they were the only humans in the world, this means that their children had to have incestuous intercourse in order to have other children.

When we will realize that economics is another word for cultural beliefs it will always be too late

Am I the only one noticing a weird trend of many people looking dumber than usual? It's small things mostly, I wonder whether there's some truth in this due to this (COVID related brain shrinking) nature.com/articles/s41586-022

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