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It perplexes me why people think that it is by winning the power race that they're gonna dismantle the power hierarchy.

How can you gain devops experience of you're not already employed at an organization that has devops work?

Volunteer for maintenance of services at

I had to learn everything about docker-compose for

Learning Ruby on Rails was a welcome side effect.

It took a while but my first PR to @WebTorrentApp finally got merged !

You can now change the global trackers used in WebTorrent app's settings page !

Pranks Destroy Scam Callers- GlitterBomb Payback

Scammers in #Kolkata, #India caught by youtubers from #USA.

Please reshare.

Life took a turn again in 2015 when I wandered into the net neutrality debate as a campaign manager for #SaveTheInternet. We convinced a million individuals to petition the telecom regulator, and now have the world's best telecom policy. Heady celebrity once again followed (previously: Chip magazine). Insider understanding: celebrity is a job, not a status. It comes with responsibilities. As an activist, I was now expected to outrage regularly, and to my shock, policy making depended on this.

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The commons is what I want to see the world embracing. So I wrote a handbook on how to work with commons.

This is a commons handbook in the commons.

iHEAR TransCare team released a draft competencies for trans-affirmative health provision. I'm reading it in this video:

I took a long long time to realise that people in positions of power, no matter how much they talk about a "better" world, if they aren't explicitly talking about caste or gender or any of those lines of privilege/discrimination, they are giant red flags.

Where do all the anarcha-feminists hang out? Can you add me to your group?

"Prav is a social project to get a lot of people to invest small amounts to run an interoperable messaging service that will respect users’ freedom and privacy."

Sounds pretty stupid, right?

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