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After many years of packaging work by many contributors, today I was able to install #diaspora native debian package.

Out of 101 direct dependencies and 223 total dependencies, only 7 of them needed to be handled outside of debian packages.

autprefixer-rails gem had to be installed from because debian does not have browserify packaged and building with rollup and webpack created a broken bundle.

#debian-diaspora #debian #debian-packaging (1/2)

A mentoring programme created with the intention of bringing more people to Free Software with strong focus on philosophy. More at #fscamp #FreeSoftware

This is really what doctors don't get to study in medical school

Project MUSE - Pains And Gains Of Rural Health Practice: Lessons Books Never Taught


Look at the wonderful way relief material is being distributed in Manipur. Dignity and respect for everyone in the entire process. So much to learn from this beautiful State in India. All DCs/District Collectors should emulate this πŸ‘πŸ™#Covid19India #lockdown #CoronavirusIndia


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