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Registrations are open of FSMK Camp 2019.
Visit : for registration and other information.

Let's rock.
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New Firefox add-on that automatically takes you to available mirror sites for banned porn sites in India.

Works only for selected sites. Please comment if you know more sites with mirrors.

I was on much before Mastodon became cool, but they were shut down. I was on #diaspora since its early days. Thanks to @akhilan for the final push to join here.

Facebook: โ€œThis is their information. They own itโ€

BBC: โ€œAnd you wonโ€™t sell it?โ€

FB: โ€œNo! Of course not.โ€ Please help this 2009 interview of Facebookโ€™s CEO get seen by people who donโ€™t use Twitter. Hereโ€™s a download link so you can pull and repost it:

Good morning! I'm just checking out mastodon. Not gonna be using this all the time or anything.:smiley:

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