Shutting down internet is curtailing of free speech + destroying people's lives. Neither is acceptable in a democracy. Internet, like electricity, water, and air is a fundamental requirement for life.

SBI Yono app. Horrible interface, extreme ineptitude aside - can't raise a dispute for a UPI transaction because of programming error. Lost 165

This Is How To Be Resilient: 4 Secrets To Grit When Life Gets Hard - Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Being resilient is about how you deal with strong emotions in the moment. Here's what the research says can help you handle feelings and keep going...

Mistakes happen and people die. But, it would be stupid not to learn from others' mistakes. This is a post written for young doctors, but may also be useful for a lot of older doctors (and non-doctors).

Intermediary liability is a discussion we have to seriously do at this moment. We can't let government or big platforms set the context or discourse. Especially folks who are here because of BirdSite's lack of accountability to anyone should read this and engage.

The best thing about Bangalore Airport bus is that it doesn't stop anywhere.

Including the stop you want to board at.

The stigma of being a privacy advocate has to be addressed the same way other stigma are addressed - by more education about the topic? Eh. My comment was general. I believe anyone who is engaging even by boosting or favouriting is doing more work than the majority :D @piratesin

I'm not sure if it is just not working in a hierarchy that is an issue. There is also the problem of "working" in general. Ha ha. If made easy to complain, there will be a lot of people willing to join the party. But what does democratic politics mean to people who aren't used to thinking about policies or working towards solutions?

You need to understand what is "Firehosing" the crux of politics in the post truth world πŸ‘‡

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Doctors are like plug points in Indian railways - some are fit for the job, but you don't know which ones or where.

@praveen @akshay

A similar improvement was done to #Lyx too, which is a #WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) document writing tool.

A very good improvement in the usability of #Linux on the desktop was done by Con Kolivas, an Australian ... dentist (I feel old saying this, as it was so long ago).

Their response is as good as our response. Unless they decide to kill the project, they really don't have any control on what is going to happen :D
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Agree 100% with @praveen

I was that person who called this a fad two days ago. But, the fad has really caught on. I've seen facebook catching on in front of my eyes. I've seen whatsapp catching on. This fad of mastodon is almost there.

@BhavanaVarun @akhilvarkey @bady @kannan @mj @tachyons

I am #newhere . I am a technology entrepreneur based Bangalore. Living & breathing at the intersection of Technology, Feminism and Parenting. #introduction #india

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