Arrest for retweets #india
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Climate activist Disha Ravi arrested in Bengaluru, Delhi cops say she shared Greta β€˜toolkit’. She joined FFF movement as a school kid. We have been told she has been taken to Delhi.

I've heard "ladies and gentlemen" used in a speech about four times in the past two weeks. All of them in medical colleges. Irony? Or sampling bias?

Just finished this book coauthored by @venkat_s in 2006.

15 years and the book reads like it was written yesterday.

@kev Along with the date I try to put the versions of the library and packages used in the post.

Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services β€” Free Software Foundation India

#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

Day of the conference is officially here. Take a look at the schedule and join the celebration [1]. Watch the events online in two venues Buzz & Rex.


#MDCO-IN-2021 #MiniDebConf #debian #debianindia #freesoftware

What an amazing blog post guide about "modern" web development in Java by @akshay .

@arunmathaisk Thanks for sharing it. I would add a mention to if I were writing it today. It is similar to micronaut, but appears to conform to the JAX-RS spec. is just copying #Free
Software and shamelessly calling it 'Made in #India'. It is made by people from around the world and shared freely.

Either they did not write even a single line or they are violating the #AfferoGPL #copyright license, which requires them to publish their changes. They are linking to original code in #gab project repos (which is a fork of #mastodon).

Even the terms of service is just copied with references to first amendment in the USA.


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