Just finished this book coauthored by @venkat_s in 2006.

15 years and the book reads like it was written yesterday.

This Is How To Be Resilient: 4 Secrets To Grit When Life Gets Hard - Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Being resilient is about how you deal with strong emotions in the moment. Here's what the research says can help you handle feelings and keep going...


Super cool attack. I definitely could have fallen victim (even though I type URLs manually most times)


How will you escape Super Phishing Attackย ? โ€“ Anoop Krishnan โ€“ Medium

Doesnโ€™t matter how much aware youโ€™re, anyone can fall victim to this โ€œAlmost Impossible to Detectโ€ Phishing Attack.


New Firefox add-on that automatically takes you to available mirror sites for banned porn sites in India.

Works only for selected sites. Please comment if you know more sites with mirrors.


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