You can learn a lot even if you have not much to show for it. Here's an example.

What you see in this is just a few buttons and a dark screen. It took me >2 years of learning to reach here.

Here's what the journey involved:

* Java - I couldn't figure out Java till I found out where the imperative and functional parts fit into the object oriented model.

* Kotlin - Once I learnt Java, I could understand all the syntax sugar in Kotlin and how Kotlin makes it much more interesting!

The 10 Best Tools to Stay Mentally Sharp at Work | Scott H Young

Do you find yourself scrolling feeds when you should be focusing? Here are ten tools to keep your mind sharp, even on the toughest tasks.

The 10 best tools to stay mentally sharp at work — Scott H Young

Misunderstanding dopamine: Why the language of addiction matters | Cyrus McCandless | TEDxPortsmouth

Dopamine is the star of our conversations about motivation and addiction. But journalists, marketers, and app developers alike have missed some critical deta...

Was listening to this clubhouse discussion about the Malayali behavior of shaming women for what they wear. Someone brought up this inspiring story of protest with clothing.

What I take from this is not "Don't use Twitter" (or mastodon for that matter). But, "Don't be afraid to stick out your neck".

The media's lab leak fiasco

Just finished this book coauthored by @venkat_s in 2006.

15 years and the book reads like it was written yesterday.

This Is How To Be Resilient: 4 Secrets To Grit When Life Gets Hard - Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Being resilient is about how you deal with strong emotions in the moment. Here's what the research says can help you handle feelings and keep going...

Super cool attack. I definitely could have fallen victim (even though I type URLs manually most times)


How will you escape Super Phishing Attack ? – Anoop Krishnan – Medium

Doesn’t matter how much aware you’re, anyone can fall victim to this “Almost Impossible to Detect” Phishing Attack.

New Firefox add-on that automatically takes you to available mirror sites for banned porn sites in India.

Works only for selected sites. Please comment if you know more sites with mirrors.

Can't wait to put an rm -rf /* in my business card and actually have it run on people's computers

Setting up a `npx username` card!

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