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Are the ml and kn dictionary data available in Wiktionary too?

Please check it.

If not available, we should import to Wiktionary too.

Share your thoughts.

My thought is that Wikimedia should not try to be the go-to place for crowd sourcing anything and everything.


Well, there's blog.learnlearn.in/2015/08/don for one

Olam supports people adding words - meaning it is crowd sourced. Alar might get that feature soon.

So why duplicate the effort? You should explain why Wikimedia forks every open data project out there



Just to keep the open data on all possible places.

That is the purpose of open data.

These dictionary can be fetched by API by wikipedia servers, when small sites can't provide robust api.

API, scalability, availability, updates of data by users. These are the good features of wiki.

Why reinvent the wheel ?

It is okey to have open data on many sites. Not only in wiki.

wiki should be one of those many sites. Why we have to ignore it?


@tshrinivasan @akshay @subins2000 the key sounds like "many sites", meaning more than 2 or 3. You could let Wikipedia be a "mirror" for data of its choice.

@wyatwerp @subins2000 @akshay

Yes. I believe that wiki is a third or fourth mirror.

I see many small sites disappear over time. But Wikipedia may have longer life than others.

Keeping a copy at wiki gives more life to the content.

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