Thank you Praveen & @SFLCin.

My friend and Debian developer Praveen A, who runs Diaspora services and various Foss community infra projects moved to Kerala HC challenging IT intermediary & Digital media Ethics rules. Read details of petition here

When leaders make mistakes, our minds can get really dizzy. In such situations, we need to think clearly and make up our mind.

How programmer itch moves free software forward

New version of Stuttgart Finite State Transducer by @santhoshtr

"There is no law that bars them from using their paper as they wish but for a middle-class which gets all titillated by the Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct, Prahaar is a sobering lesson of how politics is mostly a private limited company."

There is a cost to our greed for more. It is not a good idea to get ahead by sacrificing everything precious.

Love of Nature

Arrest for retweets #india
RT @dhanyarajendran
Climate activist Disha Ravi arrested in Bengaluru, Delhi cops say she shared Greta ‘toolkit’. She joined FFF movement as a school kid. We have been told she has been taken to Delhi.

I've heard "ladies and gentlemen" used in a speech about four times in the past two weeks. All of them in medical colleges. Irony? Or sampling bias?

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