I said love is a framework of action. Someone gave me this article stating how poetry is praxis for that framework. How brilliant!


(The example referred to in it is at journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/ )

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I have spent countless hours thinking about and arguing in this debate between free software and open source. I've finally reached at an answer.


Headed to today for the love of free software and for the love of the lovely community that FOSS United has gathered.

Checkout the schedule: indiafoss.net/2022/schedule

I've been thinking forever to do an online, interactive, recorded for public, learning oriented discussion series on programming - starting from quite the basics of how a computer works, going through spreadsheet formulae and ending in python or js.

Would you join as learner?

I went to the medico friend circle meeting yesterday in the MiniDebConf India T-shirt. Two people started a conversation with me about how they love . MFC might start a mastodon instance too. I love it when people start seeing that all of our struggles are but one struggle.

നിങ്ങളീ ഭൂമിയിൽ ഇല്ലായിരുന്നെങ്കിൽ 'നിശ്ചലം ശൂന്യം' ഈ ലോകം.

എന്ത്!! ആദ്യത്തെ Public Static Void ഡിക്ലറേഷൻ അല്ലേ ഈ കാണുന്നതു്?

Frappe is a popular, open-source, low-code web framework from India. It works like magic. But I don't like magic. So I looked at the source code.


I see many haskell-* packages whenever I do pacman -Syu. Found culprit with pactree -r.

$ pacman -Qn | wc -l

$ pacman -Qn | grep "haskell-.*" | wc -l

$ sudo pacman -Rns --noconfirm pandoc

$ pacman -Qn | grep "haskell-.*" | wc -l

Howdy, fellow #Debian Developer mentors. I am suddenly in the position of helping an enthusiastic newcomer learn all about maintaining a Debian package.

What can I read, to help me not make so many mistakes nurturing their precious enthusiasm and teaching them well, as they struggle through the mass of learning and experimenting and critique of work?

This round of #Outreachy internships started and Israel Galadima' blog post. I'm a mentor this round too, along with @akshay for improving #yarn and #debian integration. #nodejs

Michael is also working on the same project with Israel.

This will allow yarn to consider apt installed node modules to satisfy dependencies when matching versions are available. Rubygems and bundler do this already for ruby dependencies.


Updated my PR on with Robert Guthrie's help.

This is to show the existing profile picture as an option when changing profile picture.


@akshay "People confuse programming with coding. Coding is to programming what typing is to writing."
— Leslie Lamport


It's so funny when you search "person programming" you see images of people looking at computer screen with their fingers on keyboard.

Whereas programming is all about people looking into empty spaces and thinking.

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