Heading to York today as it’s PHP Yorkshire tomorrow. Intend to pop into the NRM.

With a lot of trepidation, I've released 0.94 of rst2pdf - the first release in over 6 years!

Details: akrabat.com/rst2pdf-back-from-

Making good progress on releasing the next version of rst2pdf.

Related: I'm playing more with blank and white in my photography this month.

Blood test today to ensure that my kidneys and liver continue to work as they should. So far so good!

More writing rST today.

Took me a while, but I finally realised that using fs-watch to rebuild my pdf (using rst2pdf) is better than rebuilding manually!

First day back after the break.
First working day of 2019!

I'm going to write some software development guidelines for my client's team today.

Slim 3.11.0 is out!


All bug fixes as you'd expect by this point in Slim 3's development cycle as we're a micro framework so not all about adding new features.

Work on Slim 4 is progressing too - I've been working through the issues list so that it reflects that current state of where we're at.

Good stuff done this weekend!

One issue I'm currently struggling with is that I don't get a lot of time to work on Slim. When I do, I seem too spend it on reviewing PRs and don't actually get to to write the code I think needs to be written.

More thought required on this!

Starting to put in PSR-15 support into Slim's 4.x branch. First up is enabled a Slim App to act as a request handler, courtesy of work by github.com/bnf.

(Note: Feel free to play with Slim's 4.x branch, but don't write an app for production with it…)

One of these cameras have a battery that will last all day...

I have a lot of photo editing to do soon. Around 800 photos need to be sorted into a Flickr album that represents this trip to Florida.

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