Hello there!

Funkwhale 1.1 has been released this afternoon, and we encourage all pod admins to upgrade, as this version contains no breaking changes, and many improvements and bugfixes.

Many thanks to Georg for managing and publishing this release and to our amazing community of testers, contributors, developpers, users, admins, designers and translators!

As usual, the detailed changelog is available at docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog

Happy upgrade ❤️

We're proud to announce the upcoming release of Funkwhale 1.1 around March 15.

For the first time in Funkwhale's history, this release was supervised and published entirely by Georg, a new maintainer of the project, instead of our usual @agateblue ;)

Georg has published the first release candidate today, and we encourage admins to give it a try and share their feedback so we can spot and correct bugs and regressions.

You can learn more about this release at blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announc, and governance.funkwhale.audio/d/a will give you all the instructions to update and share your feedback.

Many, many thanks who to all the people who contributed to this release and to the project as a whole ❤️

@cda made a live talk about Funkwhale and decentralized podcasting as part of the Chaos Communication Congress, and you can view the recording here if you're interested : media.ccc.de/v/rc3-520410-funk

It's a great introduction to the project as well as how we actually integrated #podcasting into the app itself earlier this year!

@funkwhale This is an important announcement regarding my involvement in the project, you should definitely have a look if you're interested in Funkwhale somehow, and especially if your a pod admin, user, or contributor.

Funkwhale 1.0.1 has been released! It's a small release that brings a couple enhancements and several fixes for issues that could break installation and upgrades.

As usual, the full changelog and upgrade instructions are available at docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog

Happy upgrade!

Introduction / dating profile - Introduction et relations pt1 

(I can translate in English if you want)

==Introduction et Relations==

Bonjour donc je suis Sélène, 27 ans, j'habite en région parisienne (Évry) mais je pourrais éventuellement bouger

Je recherche une relation romantique lesbienne de longue durée, exclusive de préférence, du moins "principale".

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Selfie, Eye contact, best of pt1 

Une fois n'est pas coutume, j'ai décidé de publier en public des photos de moi (les meilleures), bien que ça me fasse un peu peur pour diverses raisons.


Selfie, Eye contact, best of pt2 

Déjà parce que j'aime de plus en plus mon apparence et que je suis fière de la partager.

Je ne vais pas commenter les photos si ce n'est que c'est principalement des selfies miroir et que j'en suis la première désolée.

Elles sont prises à des moments différents et je pense que la plus ancienne doit avoir max 2 ans, plus récente 2 jours

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Selfie, Eye contact, best of pt3 

Ensuite, et j'en ai un peu honte et la démarche est sans doute pas ouf, parce que je suis célibataire et que ça me pèse un peu. Si vous êtes lesbienne et intéressée, il y a une introduction plus bas, et vous pouvez me follow.
Après tout, "Mastodon est la meilleur appli de rencontre", n'est-ce pas ?

Boosts appréciés.

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Funkwhale 1.0 is out 🎉

As usual, the full changelog is available at docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog,. New features include:

- A brand new search page
- It's now possible to launch a scan from the UI
- Themes and language are now persisted accross sessions
- A new plugin system, with a scrobbler plugin that works with Last.fm and MusicBrainz

We're thankful to the contributors to this release, as well as all our supporters, backers and members of the community who have been with us for five years!

We wish you a happy upgrade!

besoin d'aide sur #nantes, pls boost 

les gens, j'ai fait tomber mon portefeuille en descendant du bus, pls si quelqu'un le trouve envoyez moi un messsage! 🙏


@Paul yes! In fact you can input the URL of any compatible scrobbling service if you want to use another option (e.g a self-hosted one)

The new scrobbler funkwhale plugin works great, I'm quite happy with it!

I've redesigned the internals to use the API v2 of last.fm which is more reliable than their deprecated v1

By the way, our test suite has more than 2100 tests now, it has grown a lot since the beginning :0

Just fixed an annoying federation bug that affected pods using allow-listing!

Thanks @oniricorpe for spotting the bug in the first place 🎉

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