The new scrobbler funkwhale plugin works great, I'm quite happy with it!

I've redesigned the internals to use the API v2 of which is more reliable than their deprecated v1

Funkwhale, search 

Finally, has a dedicated search page, in addition to the autocomplete search, it's featured in the attached video.

It allows you to quickly browse lots of results, by category (track, album, artist, playlist, tag, etc.)

Tempo, kanban 

I've spent the last two days working on a kanban board for Tempo, and now have a good enough prototype!

I'll use it to manage my todo list accross devices 🎉

Previously, I used some random note app + a Gitlab kanban board, meaning everything was scattered in many places, and not always available when offline or using another device.

Tempo, dev, charts 

It's also possible to have multple datasets on the same chart, for instance to explore possible correlations.

In the attached screenshot, you can see a chart with my mood and my sleep patterns.

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Tempo, dev, charts 

Back in june, I've implemented an annotation system in to allow recording of structured data in log entries.

However, browsing/displaying this data wasn't especially easy.

But now that it's possible to save custom charts, this is going to change.

I've included a demo video below: Over the past few weeks, I've been recording some sleep data via annotations, and in the video, I'm building a graph showing how much I sleep over time.

Funkwhale, plugins 

From a plugin developper perspective, it's rather easy (I think) to write a plugin. There's very little boilerplate:

- create a dir for your plugin
- create a `` file, that will hold your plugin configuration and allow you to override certain things during startup (such as installing dependencies)
- create a `` file, this is typically where you'll connect to various hooks

Plugin config looks like this:

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Funkwhale, plugins 

I've included some screenshots below to demonstrate how the scrobller plugin is configured.

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Tempo, things that makenme sad ans happy (TW sadness and dark thoughts) 

Same goes for my mood stability. It's been really difficul lately, ans the graph reports that even tjoigh K have some really happy days that are also sad.

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Tempo, things that makenme sad ans happy (TW sadness and dark thoughts) 

Ir's interesting to be able to see this data in now

Tempo, publication 

So, with everyhing being stored in the browser/couchDB, publication is a bit tricky, but I got a PoC working.

I lack the energy to dive too much in the details, but basically, it works using a webhook (sent by tempo) to my CI/CD server, which then rebuild my blog, including specific tempo entries!

Tempo redesign 

The great new feature I want to work on is annotations. You can already use them, but I need to design a proper visualization experience.

Basically, it let' track arbitrary values in your entries (distance run, nap time, etc.)

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Tempo redesign 

Charts also work on mobile on you cqn easily tweak the number of days of computed data

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Tempo redesign 

Got tired of the limitations pf the old desogn, so now, it looks like this.

No image descr sorry, I cannot right no.

Basically, the timeline is mich more well structured, and each entry reflect its mood via a corresponding dot.

Funkwhale, theming 

I've also moved all CSS from .vue files to our style directory, meaning it will be easier to maintain and to factorize in the future.

All this work was pretty exhausting and involved, but in the end I think it's worth it.

The attached video showcase how tweaking theme variables, directly in the browser, affects the UI (sorry for my bad color taste ;)

As you can see, it's way less involved that the previous approach wic required overriding existing rules in each theme.

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Tempo, visualization 

I'm experimenting with basic data visualization on Tempo. Ideally, I'd like to make it easy to answer some questions such as:

- How many entries do I write per day/week/month?
- how well do I sleep?
- how stable is my mood?
- Is a given tag usually positive or negative?

CW: the video includes some neg entries regarding my mood

It's far from complete, but I'm already quite satisfied with the result.

Tempo, mood tracking, enhancements 

Add some motivation to work a bit on this morning, in particular:

- Added a "Sync" button to force synchronisation (in complement of the automatic sync)
- Added a sorting option, to easily display oldest/newest entries
- Moved search, export and sorting controls closer to the entries list

It's live at if you want to give it a try :)

Tempo, a mood tracking/diary app 

It's done by using moodtags (like hashtags, but for mood). By prefixing words with +, -, ~ or ? you can indicate if something feels good, bad, mixed or if you don't know how it feels.

When present, + and - tags are used to compute a score for each diary entry, and the sum of each entry score powers the daily mood widget, letting you see how each day went.

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Tempo, a mood tracking/diary app 

These days, I've been working on a lightweight mood tracking and diary app.

I've used some of them, like Daylio in the past, however I wasn't entirely satisfied, mainly because I wanted something that worked accross multiple devices (incl. desktop), and could handle larger amounts of texts.

Tempo is my second attempt at building something for myself, with a significantly different approach as last time.

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