Funkwhale, plugins 

13 months ago, I started working on a plugin system for Funkwhale.

The idea was to allow more use cases, without increasing the maintainance burden of the core application.

Other this 13 months, I've tried and ditched 3 implementations of the plugin system.

However, the 4th seem to be one I'll keep!

Funkwhale, plugins 

I see three main use cases for plugins:

1. Notify third-party systems when something happen (e.g scrobble tracks to
2. Import tracks from third-party systems (e.g play your music hosted at your Nextcloud instance
3. Implement some API endpoints required by third party systems (e.g a prometheus metrics endpoint for monitoring).

Funkwhale, plugins 

My current iteration covers item #1, as I've successfully developped the foundation of the plugin system, and implemented a scrobbler plugin on top of that (tried and working with and Listenbrainz).

Next step is to work on making audio hosted elsewhere available at Funkwhale. I think I'll build a webdav plugin, as Nextcloud supports this IIRC.


Funkwhale, plugins 

I've included some screenshots below to demonstrate how the scrobller plugin is configured.

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Funkwhale, plugins 

From a plugin developper perspective, it's rather easy (I think) to write a plugin. There's very little boilerplate:

- create a dir for your plugin
- create a `` file, that will hold your plugin configuration and allow you to override certain things during startup (such as installing dependencies)
- create a `` file, this is typically where you'll connect to various hooks

Plugin config looks like this:

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