Happy Funkwhale use-case 

> Our association CRMTL is currently involved in a project to promote popular violin music collected in the 1970s and 1980s in Poitou, Limousin and Aquitaine which was published at the time in 33 and 45 rpm vinyls or audio cassettes and is now out of print.

> We would like to give new life to these recordings for which we have the rights by making them freely available on the net.

Happy Funkwhale use-case 

> To do this, we have carried out some research on audio players, as an alternative to Youtube type platforms, without unwanted advertising and without too much loss of timbre (the 128 kbps mp3 compression of many streaming platforms degrades the audio signal too much).

> That's how we got to Funkwhale!

Now, that's really touching to read people are using Funkwhale for this kind of things (preservation of culture)

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Happy Funkwhale use-case 

@agateblue i'd really like to see that! I love violin music 😍

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