Hi there!

I'm a french developper, on a daily basis, I work on @funkwhale, a federated audio platform based on , and .

I'm in the process of splitting my unique account (@eliotberriot) in two distinct ones. One for my personal life, @agate, and this one, for everything that's tech-related.

I thought Mastodon.Technology would be a good pick for that, so thank you for welcoming me!

I'm looking forward to talk with you :)

Quick announcement to everyone who's following me for my work on #funkwhale or everything else that is tech-related: I'm moving this kind of posts to @agateblue

I recommend you follow this account if you want to continue seeing my tech posts :)

Thank you 💜

@agateblue i have also split my human and tech accounts so i don't annoy humans with my bad tech opinions

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