Mysterious login issues on a server at work (two different admin portals tied to the same embedded ldap, one of them suddenly refusing all logins) has been just as mysteriously fixed.

Issue started after an entirely unrelated password change on Thursday. Issue was fixed by restoring to a backup from *after* we made the change.

The game dev bug has been biting me HARD lately. I just wanna *make* stuff.

Seriously regretting signing up for the employee stock purchase plan at work.

Hell is writing scripts that work on both Solaris and Linux

So my game looks fine on my computer, but when my friend tests it, random character sprites are flipping horizontally back and forth in short bursts every few seconds.

I'm so confused.

Participating in a game jam right now. First time I'm seriously trying to get something RPG/adventure game-y working in Godot.

I've implemented a custom scripting language for conversations so far, with labels and conditional jumps and variables and such.

Got a win state now - get all the gems back into the correctly-colored sockets after they're initially shuffled randomly.

I'm quite bad at it, unfortunately.

just got things working in my first arch linux install!

I just realized that the official PHP documentation website has vim-style navigation keys enabled. That's fantastic.

Sometimes I get a piece of equipment in this game and just have to wonder "why did they make it look like this?"

(CW video game screenshot, eye contact)

I've got a 4 minute video that i'm trying to trim down with FFMPEG, but no matter what i try, FFMPEG seems to think everything after the one-minute mark doesn't exist.

I've messed around with the parameters as much as I can stomach, but I just cannot get it to acknowledge the rest of the video past one minute in.

So this:

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:24.0 -i '.\2019-11-25 20-16-56.flv' -t 00:02:30.0 cool-term.mp4

gives me about a 35 second clip instead of a 150 second clip.

I downloaded sc-im last night (vim-like spreadsheet application) and I'm finding it very confusing. Cells have a text part *and* a numeric part. Can't figure out how to do string testing for the count function. Documentation is hard to find and feels a bit lacking in actual examples.

Tfw you forget to install the software upgrade in one of the nodes in the cluster, but then it turns out they share a mount point for that software anyway so everything works out fine.

Me at home: "God I love package managers. I can just get everything I need for my project right from the command line."

Me at work: "Why the hell does everything depend on a package manager these days? This machine doesn't have internet access and even if it did I can't sudo to install stuff."

Any reason why opcache would interfere with ldap over SSL on php? Plain ldap or ldaps without opcache works fine but if both ldaps and opcache are on, logins fail about 80% of the time.

For context, this is a bitnami/dokuwiki docker container.

27 person meeting in a 16-capacity conference room

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