Somehow locked out my work account after a password change. Can't get to the self-service unlock while working remotely. Helpdesk is closed (but the recorded message promised it would have reopened 40 minutes ago). Helpdesk emergency number goes to voicemail.

Great! I love working from home!

Every time I try to schedule this dang meeting, a different invitee asks me to reschedule.

"Can we do it earlier? it's a blocker."
"I'm unavailable that early."
"We need a bigger block of time".

How much would I regret mixing canned tuna with turkey gravy?

Not looking forward to building another apache+php+mysql stack from sources without package manager access.

Maybe the new DCT itself is injecting it on the wrong channels?

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Was trying to help a family friend with recording some stuff on VHS.

Ever since getting a new DCT her cable channels recorded fine, but local channels had extremely bad picture quality and constantly changing brightness - but only the VCR was seeing it like that. When playing directly on the TV, all channels looked fine.

Some googling on my end suggests maybe this is "macrovision" copy protection that screws with the VCR's gain adjustment - but that should be illegal to put on local channels, right?

There's something rather absurd about people delegating use of the self-service portal.

Spending more time agonizing over project folder structure than actually coding.

Mysterious login issues on a server at work (two different admin portals tied to the same embedded ldap, one of them suddenly refusing all logins) has been just as mysteriously fixed.

Issue started after an entirely unrelated password change on Thursday. Issue was fixed by restoring to a backup from *after* we made the change.

The game dev bug has been biting me HARD lately. I just wanna *make* stuff.

Seriously regretting signing up for the employee stock purchase plan at work.

Hell is writing scripts that work on both Solaris and Linux

So my game looks fine on my computer, but when my friend tests it, random character sprites are flipping horizontally back and forth in short bursts every few seconds.

I'm so confused.

Participating in a game jam right now. First time I'm seriously trying to get something RPG/adventure game-y working in Godot.

I've implemented a custom scripting language for conversations so far, with labels and conditional jumps and variables and such.

Got a win state now - get all the gems back into the correctly-colored sockets after they're initially shuffled randomly.

I'm quite bad at it, unfortunately.

just got things working in my first arch linux install!

I just realized that the official PHP documentation website has vim-style navigation keys enabled. That's fantastic.

Sometimes I get a piece of equipment in this game and just have to wonder "why did they make it look like this?"

(CW video game screenshot, eye contact)

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