27 person meeting in a 16-capacity conference room

Today in "dumb stuff I'm going to complain about":

Transforms in Renpy just ignore you if you use integers instead of floats for the values. With yalign 1, they just floats in the middle of the screen. with 1.0, they're properly anchored to the bottom.

Interesting question came up in a discussion:

Are there any examples of gratis-but-not-libre software licenses? As in you can download it for free but you can't redistribute or modify it?

I can't think of any, and my googling hasn't been successful.

Does anyone versed in gvim know where I'm supposed to put color schemes if I want them under my home folder instead of under the program directory? Everything I read online suggests $HOME/_vim/colors (underscore instead of dot on windows) but nothing happened when I put the color scheme there. I wound up having to put it directly in $VIMRUNTIME/colors for it to work, and that bothers me.

Basically it's annoying how different the default settings are to the defaults on console vim, and also I spent waaaay too long trying to get a solarized colorscheme installed.

The strength of my love for vim is only matched by the strength of my hatred for gvim.

The heroes in my DnD group accidentally jumped forward in time 7 years. In that internal, a lich took over the continent. I'm planning out all the bad stuff that has happened to the world, and it's truly heartbreaking to have to hurt all these characters the party met over two (real life) years of playing.

Just had a hell of a time trying to debug very bizarre behavior of a shell script. Vim auto-indent was also screwing up on it to a huge degree.

Turned out the file had windows-style line endings and the carriage returns were getting everything confused.

Coincidentally I found this the same day I brought a label maker to the office. Wasn't me, but I share the sentiment.

I decided to take a stab at cleaning up a bash script at work, cleaning up a ton of code duplication, etc. And I guess it's *better* now in that you only have to make changes in one place, but something about it isn't sitting right with me. You can't just say "what is the script doing in this situation?" and jump to that case block anymore, you have to read through the whole thing. I don't like it.

Watching someone who is not proficient in vi try to use vi is not great.

I arranged the stuff on the breadboard completely intuitively without any real planning beforehand, and it'd be nice if I could do that with the case as well.

I feel like an idiot for asking this, but:

I've been messing around with making simple electronics projects w/ perfboard and microcontrollers. I'd like to move on to getting stuff mounted in a project enclosure.

Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me figure out how to find the exact right spots to cut holes in the enclosure for things like buttons, LEDs, and the power adapter.

Do I need to measure the location of my components on the board and then map that out on the surface of the box?

Trying to get folks to make change tickets is a pain and a half.

Bad and dumb line of code I just wrote:

while any([(boundary in chunk) for chunk in [chunk for chunk in chunks if isinstance(chunk, str)]]):

The microcontroller (ATTiny84A) is under the LCD if anyone's wondering.

Simple setup with a 16x2 LCD and a push button. All sorts of things possible with it but right now I've got it running as a resettable timer with dynamic resolution.

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