Also doesn't it defeat the purpose of "non-fungible" if it doesn't link to a *specific* card?

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this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

So instead of buying an actual graded trading card, you're buying an NFT that says you own the card. And then you have the option to redeem the NFT to get a card. You don't even get a specific card by serial number, just "a" card of the same type and grade.

This seems extremely suspicious to me.

All NFTs are terrible but these seem *extra* terrible. It's going to be extremely funny if these people just run off with all the cards.

Work announced that we're not going to be work-from-home full time anymore; we're going to have to start commuting to the office at least 2 days a week next year.

A few days later they sent out the county's annual "travel reduction survey" which asks questions about driving habits in an effort to "reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption, the cost of transportation, and air pollution".

So that kind of stings.

I'm going to spend way too much money on trading cards tomorrow ha HA!

Okay, I give up on trying to compile ruby I guess. Docs say it's just a simple ./configure, make, make install process but it's failing to find a bunch of stuff related to semaphores (ruby_method__entry_semaphore, etc.) at the make step.

Somehow I managed to get this working back in 2017 when I was a student intern, but those techniques have been lost to history.

I will just copy over those old binaries and keep using them.

Trying to get stuff compiled without internet access/package manager access on the target machine is a miserable experience.

GCC build instructions for this route also have a pretty insulting tone that doesn't help.

I want to get back into working on a game jam project I spent about a month working on previously. The codebase is frankly a mess right now and there are a lot of hard-to-reproduce bugs. I kind of just want to throw all that code out and start over, but I'm torn.

For comparison, with DokuWiki it's just one plugin for AD itself and a second plugin to allow multiple authentication types (useful so you can still get into the local admin account).

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The next challenge will be trying to get VisualEditor working over https. I couldn't figure it out when I last tried early in the year.

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Fortunately, it *does* work. Once all the plugins are in place and the connection details are configured, I can successfuly log in with my AD account and have admin privileges via group membership.

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Why does it take a stack of six plugins to get ActiveDirectory working on mediawiki?

Obviously this definition is not universally accepted. A lot of people seem to say "API" when they mean "web service".

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The definition I'm most comfortable with is something like "the collection of endpoints/functions/etc. that you use to programmatically communicate with a service/program/etc.".

It is not:

- the documentation describing those endpoints.
- the code implementing those endpoints.

It is something more ephemeral, like the boundary between an object and the outside world.

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I feel like the term "API" is highly overloaded, but I am struggling to articulate the various definitions that are rolling around in my head.

Anyone of y'all ever have problems with firefox inserting extra carriage returns into forms?

As part of the build process for my game jam game, I retrieve release notes from fossil-scm's wiki and bundle them into the zip.

This works fine if I compose the release notes with Vivaldi, but if I do it with Firefox I seem to get an extra carriage return at the end of every line.

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