Ported my markov chain fantasy name generator from ruby to JS and made a web form for it. Exciting times.

Something on my computer is automatically turning my microphone level down from 100% to 88% whenever i start speaking loudly. No idea what's doing it.

Meanwhile in my keepass.

I don't know how this happened. What's more confusing is that they're the same password, so it's not like I just made a second account after forgetting about the first.

Today I learned that PHP's syntax for referring to an instance function as a callable (e.g. to pass it as a callback) is:

[$instanceReference, "functionNameAsString"]

e.g to pass $inst->foo as a callback to baz, you'd write:

baz([$inst, "foo"]);

Struggling with managing dependencies on this project.

My application is comprised of around 10 modules, each of which provide a discrete unit of functionality.

All the modules depend on the same of 6 or so libraries, which do most of the heavy lifting.

As this project gets bigger, it gets more and more cumbersome to make a change to a library, because I have to make big updates to each module that uses it.

Everything is in separate git repos, and pushing and pulling changes is getting very tedious.

Been getting a lot of spam on my work email lately. What monster gave away my address?

I didn't feel like telling him that I just like anime way too much.

Weird-thing-someone-asked of the day:

"Why are you studying Japanese? Do you have a Japanese girlfriend?"

I should get a proper interactive pen display (something like a cintiq, but probably a cheaper brand). Drawing on a graphics tablet while looking up at my monitor just isn't very fun.

My issue with my billing address on my credit card seems to have resolved itself. I went back to the website to check it and the address has rearranged itself properly.

Notepad++ pro tips:

- Turn off every toolbar and menu.
- Set up ctrl+tab to switch between open documents
- Set ctrl+shift+w to move documents between views (but try to avoid using multiple views when you can).
- Set your colorscheme to something easy on the eyes, like Solarized.

It results in a beautifully light-weight, keyboard-driven experience.

If you ever do need the menu bar for something, just hit ALT to summon it.

Today was a day for writing lots of documentation at work. I've gotta remember to start bringing headphones again for this kind of stuff. Gotta have my TMBG for lots of typing.

Finally told my phone to start a timer in japanese for the first time. So that was exciting.

I just said "タイマ、四十分" (timer, 40 minutes) though, because I don't really know how to construct "start a timer for 40 minutes" grammatically.

Been looking at different wiki platforms. Considering jumping from MediaWiki to something else. Tiki and Doku both seem pretty nice.

Going insane because I can't find anyone results when trying to google this issue:

I've just updated my address with my bank, but for some reason it's insisting that (according to USPS) the address should have the apartment number as line one, and the street address as line two. This seems to be causing major problems when trying to order stuff online.

Finally got around to fscking my laptop's hard drive. Was very easy, but still more of a pain than just using my other computer, so I had been putting it off.

The service center staff at the dealership where I bought my car seem perpetually confused. They answer the phone with a very timid "...hello?", and seem confused by the fact that someone might call to schedule the service recommended in the owner's manual.

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