Weather whine 

I have such a sunlight withdrawal. :bongocat:

Nearly 30 years living in the tropics while heat intolerant and sensitive to light meant I was really happy when I moved here. I do a lot better in the cold, I really do.

The light is another matter though.

Can it just snow already so I can get some reflected photons on my retinas. T_T

Weather whine 

I just realized it's weird that back in the tropics none of us ever wore sunglasses. I went through life squinting instead.

I think it was partly because I couldn't afford good sunglasses and the cheap ones from the street were likely to be just color glass without uv filters (worse than no sunglasses).

But no one else wore them either. It was one of those "spot a foreigner" things. I don't know how to feel about the whole thing.

Weather whine 

Oh but the people that wore glasses for vision aid did have transition lenses. When I started needing glasses for vision I or course got transition lenses too, but then I found that transition lenses don't seem to be that common in Sweden (my young classmates at uni even consider it extremely "uncool" :blobcat: ).

Most people seem to have separate glasses and sunglasses. I keep my transition lenses because I can't deal with two pairs of glasses. I'd lose them.

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