Big win for #privacy and #openstandards in #Germany :

Brandenburg banned the usage of #Microsoft products (especially Teams) in schools.

Let's hope that initiatives like @digitalcourage will have bigger influence after this.

Kaii Higashiyama (東山 魁夷 ,1908 – 1999) was a Japanese writer and artist particularly renowned for his Nihonga style paintings. As one of the most popular artists in post-war Japan, Higashiyama was awarded the Japan Art Academy Prize in 1956 and the Order of Culture in 1969. 2020-11-30 18:52:18 UTC

hay hombres con vulvas, mujeres con penes, y transfobos sin dientes :anqueer_star:

hold up, y'all! can someone explain to me what romance is supposed to feel like, because i might have mixed it up with cuddles, and i'm confused and maybe aro? halp :blob_melt_sob:

(i never know how to hashtags, but i want someone relevant to actually see this, so: #aromantic #aro )

Diaspora - Greg Egan 

Another loved concept: Expansion urges as something to overcome as a sentient species. Exploring without colonizing.

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Weather whine 

Oh but the people that wore glasses for vision aid did have transition lenses. When I started needing glasses for vision I or course got transition lenses too, but then I found that transition lenses don't seem to be that common in Sweden (my young classmates at uni even consider it extremely "uncool" :blobcat: ).

Most people seem to have separate glasses and sunglasses. I keep my transition lenses because I can't deal with two pairs of glasses. I'd lose them.

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Weather whine 

I just realized it's weird that back in the tropics none of us ever wore sunglasses. I went through life squinting instead.

I think it was partly because I couldn't afford good sunglasses and the cheap ones from the street were likely to be just color glass without uv filters (worse than no sunglasses).

But no one else wore them either. It was one of those "spot a foreigner" things. I don't know how to feel about the whole thing.

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Weather whine 

I have such a sunlight withdrawal. :bongocat:

Nearly 30 years living in the tropics while heat intolerant and sensitive to light meant I was really happy when I moved here. I do a lot better in the cold, I really do.

The light is another matter though.

Can it just snow already so I can get some reflected photons on my retinas. T_T

Silly procrastination 

Me: *wakes up*
Me: I have to finish my sysadmin labs.
Me: There's a tit on the feeder outside.
Me: Do tits not migrate for winter?
Me: *reads all about Great Tits on Wikipedia*

*Whole day on disarray*
They are so cute though.

re: complaining about subtitled videos (as a hearing person) 

@s0 Especially annoying in movies and tv shows:

[speaks foreign language]

Hmm how does boosting work exactly. If both a friend and I boost something, does a mutual third friend see the post shared twice?

I find I'm very boost-shy in a way I don't understand yet.

I'm not ready for it to be "next year". I've been tossing everything in my "to-do" list into "next year". It's like a huge Monday.

Managing to keep our little fluff feeling safe despite the fireworks. She's scared to death of them and they've been going on since yesterday. She has refused to pee when outside because she's terrified.

Mh whine, school, burnout 

This is already my third career attempt after completely burning out the other two.

Of course now I have a lot of resources I didn't have back then so there's still hope.

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Mh whine, school, burnout 

I dislike having finished the semester mid December (lectures, labs, etc) but having exams/deadlines mid January. It's a whole month where I'm just generally tense, cannot relax but cannot be effective either. When that ends, it's time for the next semester. This is why I have had a burnout right before every summer and then spend the whole summer recovering just in time for the next school year. I want to be done with school before my burnout-fueled code-aversion grows.

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