Can anyone recommend a cheap but decent server host where I don't need to worry about my own hardware? I'm not doing anything serious with it, just syncthing/nextcloud stuff, git and/or svn and maybe a low-traffic mail server at some point. When I say "decent" I mean good uptime and lots of freedom to do largely what I want. I don't need heaps of speed or massive storage. Like maybe 100GB max. Also, not complete arseholes.

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Thanks all. I've decided to try Hetzner because they're cheap and if it all turns out to be a big mistake or a waste of time, then I've lost very little money.

@adz Linode is working for me. Hetzner has been recommended to me.

I switched from DigitalOcean because they lied about why they didn’t offer me a job and I. Hold. Grudges.

@adz I'm using for and I like what they offer. It has almost none of the bells and whistles that DO or Linode offer but all I want (and maybe what you want) is a VPS to do my thing. Bonus: it all runs on renewable energy.

@adz DigitalOcean is still my first choice for small stuff. But I've heard good things about Herztner

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