Very first public snappa of our new majesty palm. My spouse hasn’t seen it yet shhhhh

@amcooper You should get 11 more and then the government will help you cover it up.

@amcooper (OK I've been watching some UFO documentaries, I admit it.)


@amcooper I had to look this up. I'd never heard of this before.

@amcooper Me and the wife are watching a different UFO documentary every week.


@amcooper In which case you probably are familiar with Montauk, which is a place my wife & I like to visit, and whose conspiracy theory connection was also unknown to me until I took a picture of a weird structure there near the lighthouse and went about trying to figure out what it was. Now I know: aliens.

@amcooper I have heard the name but was not aware of the alien connection. Only thing I could find about it was the Montauk Project.

It doesn't appear to have alien connections though. If there's something else, let me know.

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