Has anyone ever done a clean wipe and reinstall of OSX if (possibly) the AppleID that was used to initially install the OS is not the same one that is present now? This has been the most epically frustrating experience of my life (OK, maybe only the last year or so).

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@adz 🍀 I hope you sorted this out but I know the multiple AppleID thing is very thorny. My gambit of running Arch on my MacBook is going ok 🤞🏾

@amcooper I don't know for sure if multiple AppleIDs have been used on this computer. It's someone else's. It has gotten itself into a very weird state where it's basically unusable so they gave it to me to try to fix. Let me tell you that it has not been a pleasant experience. Although I think I've made some headway.

@amcooper If I put Arch on here, do you think they'll notice?

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