@paul Interesting. I must confess I believed the story. I'm still going to ditch WA when I switch over to my new phone, though. I just don't trust their assurances. As the article states, they've lied so many times before. Also, if they're not going to datamine WA, then what did FB buy it for?

@adz Personally I think that intelligence agencies will be targeting the OS rather than individual apps in future.

Why try to backdoor every messaging app when you can just have the OS send decrypted data whenever a messaging app is in use?

iOS & GApps both have a unique user id which makes targeting easier too. No need to find out what your handle on messaging app x is this week.


@paul Oh I'm sure they will be. But I don't think they'll be limiting themselves. I think they'll want as many options as possible so that if one becomes impossible or impractical, they can easily fall back to others.

But also, aside from Intel agencies, FB will want to mine whatever data they can. It's their entire business model. They simply HAVE to do it (from their point of view).

@adz good points. We will have to see how things unfold. FB could certainly implement a simple keyword scanner on device without having to give away any AI crown jewels if they chose to.

Always best to move away from WA if possible

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