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So, apparently, support ends today. I run Win7 in a virtual machine on my Linux OS in order to mostly use one program. I'm not "upgrading" to anything. I'm staying until I find an alternative to that one program, or Win7 stops working entirely.



And I was thinking about moving my domains' email hosting from Gsuite to Zoho. I already have my personal domain's email hosted on Zoho. But now it's time to #BoycottZOHO

Liverpool has successfully boycotted The Sun for 30 years. It may be time for Australia to follow suit for the Murdoch press.

The ABC at its finest. This story contains the hilarious line:
"What is certain is that our Five Eyes partners — the US, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — are not looking for an escalation of the crisis at this time."

Video of crowd about 20 min before official start of protest.

My bad, the protest is today, not Saturday. I'll still be there, just make sure you get the day correct.

If anyone's interested in going, I will be there and feel free to message me.



So my main point is that this "formula" that Monbiot talks about, is heavily dependent on corrupting left-wing parties and movements from the inside (in addition to the other things). This DOES need to be called out. Where he says blaming Dems, Labs, etc for the losses isn't helpful, I think it can be. Those inside the parties that are collaborating with the right, need to be exposed, criticised and - yes - blamed.

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