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Wishful thinking (thread) 

So I've been thinking about my ideal version of a social network...
1. It should be built on encrypted chat systems. So all DMs should be E2E encrypted. Public messages should be signed (to prevent spoofing) but not encrypted. Importantly, it should be a federated system, like Mastodon or email. This is definitely possible since Signal (TextSecure, at the time) used to federate with WhisperPush by CyanogenMod.

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Crypto, security 

Here's something I've been thinking about for a while.

If an ultra secure messaging system were to be subverted by the developer(s) compromising the app by adding a silent/invisible extra party to all conversations (i.e. all 1-on-1 chats become, in effect, group chats), would there be any way to know? That is, this silent/invisible extra party would get all messages and replies for anyone the developers wanted to spy on (if, for example, they were served with a warrant or any other reason).


It's tempting to do a victory lap because they're so awful - and by all means do one (or three) - just remember that one takes well-funded fundies lightly at their peril.

Pol adjacent 

I unironically and whole-heartedly love these kinds of shitty memes.

The Chicago Way :birdsite: 

When they take one of yours to the hospital, the only thing left is to take one of theirs to the morgue.

The climate spiral is terrifying. The clock is sitting at five after midnight. Climate scientists are now urging humans to to shut down destructive systems using #DirectAction.

The crisis is escalating. The climate is collapsing.

Our survival depends on our resistance.

Sometimes I think people fail to understand the difference between (online) piracy and plagiarism.

if you are unemployed, a temp worker, a street labourer, or any other kind of undervalued existence, you can form a union of people in the same position.

this was the IWW's base of power in its early days. hobos would organise free speech fights, soapboxing about the value of a union for the workers, where cops would arrest every person who got up on the soapbox to talk, another would take their place to continue the message and also be arrested, and so on.

Take me down to the gasoline city where the ass is jeaned and the girls are gritty!

Coconuts are technically mammals because they give milk and have fur.
Disruptive protest: bringing you the vote, the 8 hour day, Land Rights, equal pay, the abolition of slavery and ... maybe ... a liveable earth.

does anyone here need a simple android app for anything, or like has any stupid app ideas?

i wanna start a small new project to familiarize myself again with the current state of the android ecosystem so i can comfortably work on bigger projects again as well

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Pol, Abe Assassination 

An interesting take. That Abe was assassinated not by the accused gunman but by someone else and for geopolitical reasons, not personal grudges.

PSA guys: After the EMP, make sure to "stay tuned" otherwise you might miss out on important information. Brought to you by the city of NY, apparently.

Believe it or not, this is not Scott Morrison (or digitally a altered image).

Just in: Australia's top lawyer drops charges against lawyer for acting like a lawyer... with intent, presumably.

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