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This snippet of a podcast contains the most honest and brutal accounts of the war in Iraq I've ever heard. I recommend it to anyone who's interested in this, or related, topics.

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So one of my main reservations about the story is that even the toned-down version appears, at first blush, a bit cartoonish. Like Saddam Hussein being the next Hitler or whatever.

Another reservation I have is, if these women were so poorly treated, why did none of them defect? Or attempt to? There's lots of them, out in public frequently. How do you watch all of them all the time?

Also, NK would have to be stupid. Why send your most desperate, abused people as ambassadors? You would keep them close.

I can't help but be sceptical of stories like this. Anyone know if it's actually true, or can point to something debunking this?

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Chomsky on the atrocities committed under U.S presidents:

And before you ask, I totally meant Bach to Firefox. I went all renaissance on its arse. Yep.

So after some recent discussions around here, I gave up on and went Bach to . I have to say it's improved considerably since I last used it on . I remember it being a bit slow and crashy. They seem to have fixed that. But mostly, my favourite feature is that now you can install most extensions on it. Before it was some tiny fraction or none at all. Helloooooo . There goes the main reason I ever bothered with Brave to begin with.

The one thing that changes more than my understanding of my gender is my pinned folders thanks explorer.exe fuck you too


Dear user of the fediverse,

today, it is my birthday. I have but one request, and I am sure you already know what it is. But, I will still choose to reiterate myself.

For my birthday, as a gift, I would like some boosts. I hope you can fulfill my request.
Thank you in advance.


Evelien "Citrus" Twee

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