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Wishful thinking (thread) 

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Crypto, security 

Some weird shit is happening. It could be an escalation of the situation between the US and Iran. I really hope not. I'm flying to Europe in about a week and I need to fly through the middle east.

Funny cartoon. But when I first read it, I thought that Victoria was going to shit out Tasmania after the second frame. Then I immediately remembered that that was impossible.


Environmental Politics 

Concentration Camps 

"What's with all this entropy? Every time I check, there's more than last time."

"Well, it's not called leavetropy."

Potential for ethnic cleansing in the US 

Proper English 


Water shortage 

Water shortage 

Does anyone here know what the best way to reach a wide audience would be?

I poured some intense creativity and effort into creating a beautiful ProductHunt app (called Makers) for a ProductHunt competition and would love some visibility on it. The competition is currently open to vote on, so if you have a second to spare, please upvote Makers through this link:

Thanks! 🤗

My dog is such a Heater Hussy. She was fast asleep, but I turn the heater on under my desk and within minutes she's sitting 10cm away from it.

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