I have a real hate for mm/dd/yyyy .. and especially mm/dd/yy.. Just don't. yyyy/mm/dd works everywhere.

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@adymitruk But why give the least relevant information first? Should dd/mm/yyyy

@adymitruk Dude maybe if I'm waking up in a coma I'd like to hear the year first but otherwise prioritize the day #thingsididntthinkwouldbotherme

@adymitruk From a user perspective, both my computer and my phone give me the date in the order I want by default :^)

@adymitruk Maybe the context in which the data appears should dictate the way its represented and we should be thankful we have all these pretty options instead of preferring one then getting all worked up and mad about it and then no one is really wrong or right they just might have poor taste :3

@whoisrobert I'd rather have no choice than dealing with people writing down mm/dd/yy

@adymitruk What if I wrote a check for a large sum of money, but I dated it Apr. 13, 2017.

@adymitruk What if I wrote a check for a large sum of money, but I dated it **04/13/2017**

@whoisrobert @adymitruk ISO format everywhere and any format user want's in frontend

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