Choose an open standard instead of a closed one. Use an open source platform instead of a closed one. Don't vendor-lock. Build communities.

Buy responsibly farmed and sustainable food. Recycle. Don't buy fur. Don't buy products that test on animals.

Your wallet is your strongest vote.

@adymitruk your wallet is also anytime a strong vote on the priciple of captitalism.
trading instead of sharing.

@paulfree14 @adymitruk the problem with one vote per $ is that some people get a *lot* more votes. How about one vote per hour?
@paulfree14 @adymitruk Everyone gets the same numbers of hours in a day, a week, a year, although I guess not over a lifetime

@adymitruk @strypey yes that would be a great improvment. but still is missing that people having different needs.

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