One of the most awesome side-effects of mastering and alongside is becoming master systems integrators.

The analogy I just realized:

@gregyoung : /#CQRS/#EventSourcing : : @Linus__Torvalds : /#Linux/#Git

With the 2.0 announcement that includes generics, it's curtains for .net in so many areas. Golang is also in the top 10 languages now. Microsoft's hubris is eating them alive. You catch more flies with honey and the past is catching up to them.

People already contributing to my based learning project. Puts some🔥under my butt 🙂

The NEW Software Boutique is coming. Now with Snap support!

Luke Horwell and I are at the Snap Sprint taking place this week. We've been working on a new version of Software Boutique.

We've added support for snaps via snapd-glib and debs are now handled via PackageKit.

If you want to learn a little bit more, Luke has also posted in the Ubuntu MATE Community forum:

Watch for large companies punching holes in good practices. "TDD is hard". "CQRS is complicated". They make money from stupid and status quo.

I need to look at vue.js w/ vuex. Seems to do away with some of the extra cruft in react.js (and not so much redux)

Fowler's event-driven talk at goto conf. Finally mentions Greg. Still not giving the full endorsement to :/

Time for designers to fight proprietary software too. Use pencil instead of sketch:

"Not everything is great for ". I disagree. It's even applicable to non-technical and behavior-anemic problems.

Proprietary systems continue to prove they can't guarantee security. How to get the clipboard on a locked Windows

Help us take a stand against #DRM by becoming an #IDAD leader this July 9th! More details:
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