Today is further proof that yes, we are indeed living in a dystopia. Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime, but here we are.

Why is it that most womens’ t-shirts these days are crop tops? Some of us don’t want crop tops. Give us some variety please. I don’t wanna go to granny shops to find a friggin’ full-length top. How about some regular-length tops for those of us who don’t want to walk around in our bras in public all day?

Lesson learned today:
- 19-year-old me riding roller coasters all day = totally fine
- 42-year-old me riding roller coasters all day = neck aches and body pains and possibly minor concussions from head banging vigorously on the side of coaster head rest

Thanks, body. Got the memo.

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Taking the pandemic seriously these days is like being a nerd in the 80s, including the bullying part

I can deal with my 13-year-old’s friends. You know what I can’t deal with? Their annoying-ass helicopter parents.

Looking for an OpenTelemetry quickstart app? Check out the Demo Webstore app. I threw together a quick blog post to show y’all how to use it to send data into Lightstep. It’ll knock yer socks off!

Am I paranoid about covid? You bet your ass I am. And I’m okay with that.

Cool post on how to get HashiQube running on M1 Macs. Turns out Vbox doesn’t run on M1. 💩 Will definitely be needing this after I get my M1.

My feat of epic nerdiness for the week: Got Tracetest running on HashiCorp Nomad w/ a working example service! It’s been my side-hustle resulting in a few late evenings. I ❤️ me a good challenge. Blog post to come. Until then, check out the GitHub readme.

I just bought a bare-bones Kindle, and when I powered it on for the first time, it already knew my Amazon ID (not password)?! WTF?!

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The one where I was working on a technical doc and thought I could kill two birds with one stone and also make it into a blog post and it would just take a few minutes. No biggie. Haha. Joke’s on me.

Every time I think the world has gone completely mad, it surprises me be taking things up a level or two.

Git died on me in the most horrible way, and it took my shell down with it. As in, open new terminal window and no prompt. Luckily I had another terminal open and changed shells so that I could troubleshoot this mess. Happy Wednesday to me.

I use fish as my default shell, and while I love it, it feels like some things are 10x harder because the syntax is a little different from bash.

I’m both blessed and tormented by the fact that I can’t let go of a technical problem until it’s solved. It means that it gets solved, but it also means that it consumes my every waking moment until I can solve it, and thus get it out of my head. Anyone else ever feel that?

My little labour of love - getting Tracetest to run on Nomad. I’ve been obsessing over this since Friday, and I finally have all the parts working. Now I can sleep. 💤

Watching a container image being pushed to a container repo is like watching paint dry. Hurry up, already!!

The news outlets keep talking about the current times as “post pandemic”, and this misrepresentation annoys the shit out of me. THE PANDEMIC IS STILL HAPPENING, Y’ALL.

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