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Happy Monday, tooters. Sorry that I have been away for a while!

Bomb Shelter Radio from 8PM to 11:30PM tonight (US/Eastern). Link to listen is at

@fuzzface will be broadcasting Bomb Shelter Radio tonight beginning at 8 PM EDT. Listen link can be found here:

I was reading a book about computer bugs when I reached page 403.

404 not found.

So I referred to the table of contents. The missing page was about spiders.

Web page not available.

Today's Note from the Universe:
For the one who continues,Β failure becomes impossible.Β 


Β Β Β The Universe

And winning becomes inevitable.

Going through stuff that my ex boxed up and put in the basement. I found this still wrapped deck of cards from a Windows and Exchange Conference in Las Vegas. That was the last one I was able to attend.

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