Today's bead therapy activity
first attempt at making this. I am pleased with how it turned out.

This is Saint Joseph the steel worker. It was relocated from the roof of another church when parishes were in Homestead near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Going through stuff that my ex boxed up and put in the basement. I found this still wrapped deck of cards from a Windows and Exchange Conference in Las Vegas. That was the last one I was able to attend.

Rumi speaks from across the centuries. Our challenges are not so different now than they were in his time.

This is a picture of the Edgar Thompson Steel Mill in Braddock, PA USA in the rain. They do have fire burning off gases.

It's a very foggy morning here. I always wonder if it's really the same place after the fog lifts or if my little street has been transported to an alternate Universe.

The calculators are long gone but I still have these! I am getting rid of them, though.

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