It's a very foggy morning here. I always wonder if it's really the same place after the fog lifts or if my little street has been transported to an alternate Universe.

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@adelheid There was a Larry Niven story called "For a Foggy Night" back in the late 1960s or early 1970s that you might want to read.

@filkerdave Cool, I'll see if I can find it! Thanks for the recommendation.

@adelheid It's in a collection called "All The Myriad Ways" that your library might have.

@filkerdave If they don't have it, I'm sure it can be obtained via interlibrary loan. But thanks for the name of the collection!

@kevinkoosk Thanks, there is actually another busier street down the hill now obscured by the fog. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

@adelheid :-) Thanks for sharing pics. I come from a hot tropical country called Malaysia. We don't usually get fog where I stay (Kuala Lumpur). Maybe if it were up in the hills, then yes.

Incidentally, I checked out pictures of Pittsburgh. Seems a nice city, despite cloudy days.

@kevinkoosk You're welcome. We get a lot of fog when the seasons change from warmer to cooler and cooler to warmer. We had some pretty cold temperatures last week and now it's gotten warmer so when the warm air encounters cold ground we get fog. (Also the other way around with cold air/warm ground.)

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