Nothing planned tonight? Join @fuzzface for Bomb Shelter Radio tonight. Details at

Today's bead therapy activity
first attempt at making this. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Ahoy Tooters, it's Talk Like a Pirate day! Also @fuzzface hosts Bomb Shelter Radio tonight. for all the scuttlebutt! Arrr!

At some point, bad management becomes apparent. It might manifest as sloppy, hastily written code/queries that absolutely ignore best or even good enough pracrices in favor of results. And are not sustainable over long term or with growth.

This is Saint Joseph the steel worker. It was relocated from the roof of another church when parishes were in Homestead near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Hey tooters! Happy Thursday
For a happier Thursday, tune into Bomb Shelter Radio

Hi Tooters, today is a Bomb Shelter Radio day!

July was a really busy month for me. I apologize for disappearing. However, Happy Friday, tooters!

Happy Independence Day, US Tooters! Good Morning everyone else!

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