Do multiplayer roguelites and/or roguelikes exist? Strategizing upgrade choices to complement party members' build outs sounds like it could be fun.

I'm starting to understand the hype behind Hades.

uBlock Origin rule to allow megaphone-published podcasts in Pocket Casts' web app:


In Terraform 0.13, non-hashicorp providers must be explicitly defined in modules or `tf init` will fail by trying to download the provider as if it were in the hashicorp namespace.

I experienced this trying to update a terraform environment using the libvirt provider from dmacvicar.

According to an email that just arrived, my ballot was marked as received for processing today.

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Dropped off my ballot today. Amazed at how easy and straight-forward Colorado makes the process to vote.

Ansible 2.11 early impressions 

- collections aren't new in 2.11, but still sadly cannot be configured (most be located in in a folder called ansible_collections)
- Not all of Ansible's collections and roles have been updated to claim support in 2.11 yet (notably the posix collection)

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Ansible 2.11 early impressions 

To work around a bug with systemd in newer kernels, I installed a development version of Ansible through pip.

- Playbook execution appears to be quicker.
- The great collection migration caused plenty of issues. While we don't use Windows/Chocolatey, I had to install their collections due to roles expecting those functions available, even if they were skipped.
- Ansible Galaxy dependency resolution appears to be slower than necessary.

Unless I'm missing something, it appears Linode IOPS guarantee is a full magnitude less than Digital Ocean and Vultr, with no ability to purchase access to elevated speeds (e.g. through a performance tier with higher IOPS).

Switching to pip to install pyqt5 and qscintilla appears to have fixed the crashes.

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The perils of using "off the beaten path" software, as mercurial has unfortunately become.

I'm experiencing crashes in QScintilla2 when trying to open console logs in TortoiseHG.

From reading through QSci's mailing list, this might be fixed by a patch release newer than the version that was shipped with Ubuntu 20.10.

I'm going to risk uninstalling the distribution's python qscintilla bindings and switching to a pip version.

Upgraded to Ubuntu 20.10 yesterday. I can confirm mixed refresh rates now work out of box.

Last week was rough all around.

Going to try to brush it off and make this week better.

After an initial struggle with seals, I now have a CO2 tank hooked up to a Sodastream. I'm looking forward to cheap fizzy water.

Keto diet 

I've figured out the dairy-based ice cream bars I've been using as a reward for weight loss milestones has been breaking me out of ketosis. They're supposedly net 5g carbs, and I thought they would be a nice treat.

I'm happy to have found the culprit, but torn on what to do with the remaining ice cream bars. I'm not usually one to let food go to waste, but that's why I have weight to lose.

It ran out of memory again after around 475G of compressed data. I upped the memory to 1G and moved the backup from an underpowered NAS to my desktop. I hope the trade off of power for network latency pays off.

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Duplicity was able to back up around 444GB of compressed data (unsure how much uncompressed) with a 128M hard memory limit in a docker container before it was killed by the OOM killer.

Upping to 256M, hoping it'll last for the 6.5TB to backup.

Entertainingly enough, the first power outage I've ever had at this apartment happened during the backup. It ended up being multiple hours and my UPS wasn't able to keep the NAS up and running through it all.

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From my brief experiments, running pipelines in GitLab with Drone CI is faster than with GitLab CI. If it pushed logs back to GitLab, I would try to convince my employer to switch.

I've got around 40 years of backed up home video, hard drives, and floppies sitting on a NAS.

Because I'm likely to screw something up while organizing, I'm attempting to use duplicity to create a compressed backup first.

With around 6.5TB to backup, I'm curious how long it'll take and how much memory duplicity will require.

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