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Bill C-10 was a dumpster fire and it is coming back soon. Tell Minister Rodriguez that we don't want broadcast era regulations for our Internet!

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The right to repair is crucial for a free future, this is illustrated in our animated video "Fight to Repair." Join our campaign and inform others on the state of #RightToRepair in your country. #FightToRepair

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Can someone explain to me what the purpose of the "Hide settings" in Mastodon are for? I click to turn on or off the "Show boots" and "Show replies" and it doesn't do anything. I still see my boots and replies. I've even tried to reload the page after changing a setting.

The Rogers-Shaw merger will ruin our chances of affordable telecom options in Canada. Use OpenMedia’s community survey tool to give the Competition Bureau your comments before it’s too late!

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5 powerful governments are working together to take away your right to encryption. Fight back before it's too late.

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Don't let #Apple's new products distract you from their global antitrust claims battle to maintain its subjugation over users globally.

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I'm worried about humanity's future.

A topic, every influencer should talk about, every blogger should post about.

I'd ask others to post on the topic, n share the video to loved ones..

I feel its excruciatingly important to talk about the big picture. The future of mankind.

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