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Come join @UniversalReflections@linuxrocks 's stream while we both play Minecraft

We have just hours left to stop the CRTC from taking control of what we see and hear on the Internet! Tell your MP to say no to Bill C-10

The CRTC just sided with Big Telecom, ruling in favour of more expensive Internet in Canada! Sign the petition RIGHT NOW demanding Cabinet overturn the CRTC’s wholesale decision!

Brilliant businesses decisions yet I still feel how sad and disturbed how society is putting so much hard earn money into such companies as Starbucks when you can so easily and so cheaply make your own coffee at home. Then the wasted 10% of money is mind blowing to me.

Why Starbucks is Actually a Bank

JOIN OUR DAY OF ACTION! This May 27th, we are saying NO to these disproportionate and dangerous measures. via @OpenMediaOrg

Mass website blocking and Internet user bans in Canada? NO THANK YOU! Tell our government to reject these overreaching proposals:

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