@jackbaty Wow that's awesome BBEdit is still in development. Mmm I wonder does it support markdown along with preview mode?

@kev Oh I loved that cartoon as a kid. Haven't watched it since. Where did you find it?

@jackbaty Along with Pink Floyd? 🙂 That is some serious record collection behind you two.

@jackbaty Instagram is about control and sucking all possible data from you. So I can see why they have tried hard to avoid desktop use as much as possible.

Come join @UniversalReflections@linuxrocks 's stream while we both play Minecraft twitch.tv/universalreflections

We have just hours left to stop the CRTC from taking control of what we see and hear on the Internet! Tell your MP to say no to Bill C-10 openmedia.org/LastChanceC10-tw

@joeligj12 Arcticons are great. I never thought I would enjoy simplisity like this.

@joeligj12 Check out Logos By Nick for some great Inkscape tutorials on YouTube and logosbynick.com/.

@joeligj12 No, I would sooner use RCS en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_C or better yet an open source solution that truly gives end to end encryption and control of my keys. I still like using Silence over SMS because of one reason, I don't need a data plan to communicate privately but that seems to be dying.

@jackbaty Well than I suggest KeePass keepass.info/download.html using an unofficial port. This article maybe of help too, keepassium.com/articles/keepas. I use KeePass for my 2FA as well keep in mind features may vary between choosen KeePass port.

The CRTC just sided with Big Telecom, ruling in favour of more expensive Internet in Canada! Sign the petition RIGHT NOW demanding Cabinet overturn the CRTC’s wholesale decision! openmedia.org/CRTCPriceHikes-t

@joeligj12 This is a cool idea and I think I may consider doing it myself but I use so much 😊. I'm curious what is so different in Yuito compared to Tusky? Also on Uses page I spotted a typo under Element, "wort" missing "h".

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