@adamvallee Thanks but your site is working now. Also I clear all data on my browser each time it closes so this wouldn't be a problem for me.

@adamvallee Strange, seems the website is down. I'm unable to connect to it.

@adamvallee Welcome to . I'm sorry to hear about your father. Its tough for him but also tough for you. I always say you have to look after yourself first before you can help others. Try looking into programs that may support you supporting your Dad. Care giver programs.

@mike Sounds interesting, thanks. I've added it to my list to read :).

@jackbaty Wait what, Hoopla offers ebooks too? Well those are good options for ebooks. My ereader is so old it doesn't even support Overdrive/Libby. I need to upgrade.

@jackbaty Oh okay good its optional. That is one way to make you feel better paying for it :).

@jackbaty Nice. Never heard of Roon before. So you pay for Roon to then connect to another service you pay for like Tidal? This doesn't seem right.

@jrss No surprise here. When you are the product why would they care about protecting you and your interests? Your goal vs their goal will never align.

@leo I hope the trip was relaxing even though it was a short one.

@leo I wish I had a suggestion. I would love to have this and be able to encrypt your messages.

Looks like Pulse SMS is still open source, github.com/serubin/pulse-sms-w

@jackbaty For streaming solutions from your library I use Hoopla Digital hoopladigital.com/ and Kanopy kanopy.com/. Thought those links maybe helpful but depends on what your library offers.

@jackbaty Yeah no kidding. Too many just don't see it let alone understand it.

@jackbaty Great resource for streaming or even borrowing a physical copy.

@jackbaty I love how this just runs locally without tracking or requiring an Internet connection. I miss the old days when we had this as a norm.

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