@jackbaty I've confirmed that this post ability is also showing on a Windows OS.

@joeligj12 I use a lot of them. I've been try to delete them whenever possible. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to delete an account. It's insane. I like testing things out, I've tried to re-frame from creating new accounts.

@jackbaty So you can only make posts. Not stories or fancy effects as that stuff is only on mobile app as far as I'm aware of.

@jackbaty Okay I just logged into my Instagram account and right away I received a notification telling me that I can post content. I just click on the + button in the top right hand corner. To be specific I'm using Arch Linux with Firefox.

@joeligj12 LOL don't feel bad, I have more than 400 accounts online. I would say about 95% of them don't have 2FA/MFA.

@jackbaty Really? I'll take a look again today. It was showing for me several months back.

@jackbaty This looks great just too bad its not free and open source. Ahh geez only a mobile app for Apple too, mmm seems quite limited unfortunately.

@jackbaty Ahh not that I'm a supporter of Instagram but you can post content from your desktop at least. Its not all content mind you. Facebook wants your data of course.

@xorowl What didn't you like about it? I've never used it yet.

@joeligj12 This is very cool. I was not aware of this. I too would like to see a list of where this has been implemented. I'm however disappointed to learn that Libravatar doesn't support webp or avif image formats.

@jrss Well I can't speak for Apple products as I've never administrated a domain with Apple products on it. However there should be cache available to still use it if domain connection is lost. I would look into why the lost of connection is occurring. Yikes if you have management that do not understand and will not respect proper policy and procedures then this is quite a deeper problem that may not be fixable.

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