@joel The beauty of a positive community on Internet of all places 🙂.

@kev I like your subtle refernece to The Fresh Pince of Bel-Air. Unreal problem but happy you found a simple fix.

@jackbaty lol curiosity wins over frustrations. Are you using Syncthing? Pretty sure that is on Mac too.

@joel I can help chip in to keep your domain. Which option is best now based on your troubles to accept donations?

Adam :archlinux: :terminal: boosted

@jackbaty Not sure I follow on how sync is such a problem. What are you syncing?

@BuddiesOfBudgie This is awesome. Is there a patch I can put on Arch Linux to get fractional scaling?

Since so many people seem to talk about Wordle I decided to try it for the first time.

@excarnateSojourner To this day there is no effective way to do this let alone accurate.

I just signed up for this free course on SEO for Developers by Monica lent! Get yours here: sparklp.co/6b8f6819

@edel Thank you! I wish you the best in your journey as well. We can do it!

Have you seen this? Right now our government is considering legislation for social media platforms that would cause them to remove many lawful posts, and report them to CSIS and the RCMP! Join me in speaking out about this: openmedia.org/ProtectTheWeb

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