@mike Wow this is great. Another reason to play with it. I always like BeOS back when it was a thing.

@tvdl Thanks for your question. You really have me thinking about this. I may write about this topic in greater detail, self-hosted vs. platforms might be of interest.

@tvdl GitHub/GitLab Pages is a great idea feature and I have even used it for a website, steephillfood.ca. However this all depends upon your circumstance. For me self-hosting is best because it allows for control and not someone or some company to dictate what I can and can't do. No one is more invested in your best interests than you yourself. As well I want to be transparent to my viewers, the less hands/services I use the easier it is by removing unnecessary complexities that they may bring.

Hello, I'm looking for an artist that can create a digital caricature. Any suggestions?

@kev Very unique design of website. I'm curious did you intentionally not add the ability to comment on your posts?

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Graph Paper is a #Jekyll website/blog template I made that incorporates #Bootstrap. I gave it some #accessibility updates last month!

Read more about that here: graphpaper.cncoulter.com/2020/

#A11y #WebDesign

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Standard Ebooks looks like a pretty cool collection of public domain ebooks:


> "Standard Ebooks is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, and free."

@jish Thanks, this is a pretty cool resource. Very nicely laid out.

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