@adamsdesk Good timing! I /just/ refilled a fountain pen and put it to work :)

@jackbaty Well that is great, maybe you can help. I have no idea what I'm doing with pen ink cartridges.

@adamsdesk That looks like a piston filler. You probably dip the end into ink and twist to suck it into the chamber.

@jackbaty I hope I'm correct in assuming you are referring to only the wooden pen. Mmm, this is not what I expected. The clear tube can be pulled apart from the fountainhead. I see I can twist one end that moves a bar up/down with a spring at the end of it towards the head.

@jackbaty At least this is giving me a direction to look in. I have to find more examples then this as I'm still not understanding the instructions when comparing to what I have.

@jackbaty Now to figure out what ink I should be buying for a piston filler pen and then what the other pen takes.

@adamsdesk Choosing ink is one of the best parts! Doesn't really matter which type of fountain pen.

@jackbaty Is it? Maybe I'm making it more complicated in my head.

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