I've been scratching my head with this one:

After an update to network-manager and its components on my Linux Mint desktop, ethernet stopped working.

It shows, the MAC address is there, but it just has this X through it and that's that. I tried several things for the last few days.

some more details here:

Anyone has experience with this and can help?

@jtr Well I'm not certain as it is hard to debug over Mastodon. Myself personally I would go back to basics. Reset config. If that doesn't work go back to using the IP command to manually set the network up or use nmcli. As well look at your logs files, maybe journals as I assume Linux Mint uses systemd but uncertain since I haven't used it much. Remwber to change one thing at a time so you don't get confused as to what works and doesn't.

@adamsdesk for now, it works, though I feel like a bit unstable. I don't know how to reset my config (which?) or look at the logs (again which?) or use the command you provided. It's a bit of a learning curve, and for now I think I'm good though I realize I'll have to go back dig in, possibly with the next kernel update...


@jtr Well at least it works. Understandable. This makes me think I need to write about this in hopes it will teach how to do network setup.

@jtr I'll setup Linux Mint VM. What desktop environment are you using?

@adamsdesk if you'd like to, sure! I use cinnamon desktop, their gnome version.

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