Does anyone by chance know where the Gnome Files (nautilus) stores settings for visible columns and list view expandable directories? I haven't found it via gsettings/dconf.

@akionsight I've checker there and there is nothing relating to this.

I swear using gsettings to "org.gnome.nautilus.list-view default-visible-columns" or "org.gnome.nautilus.list-view default-column-order" should handle which columns are visible but they don't seem have any affect.

@adamsdesk hmm, maybe what Nautilus does is it updates that gsettings value and refreshes itself, maybe after clicking the button to change the value of the setting and updates the view but changing the value in gsettings does not refresh nautilus

@akionsight Well I don't think so because I've been monitoring changes when I change a setting in GNOME Files (nautilus) using gsettings or dconf and nothing is changed. Its confusing as I want to programmatically set these settings so I don't have to restore them manually.

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