@mike Oh no way, I've wanted to try one with GrapheneOS.

@adamsdesk Well, for work I need to carry a phone that meets our device standards as defined by our corporate IT. If I go outside stock Android, they issue me a phone and I have to carry around 2. It kind of defeats the purpose of going to with a non-Googled Android.

@mike I suppose so. Granted if they don't pay you for being on call I'd turn the work phone off or put it in a faraday bag.

@adamsdesk It's more one of those where they don't pay you to be on call, it's part of your job duties and they fire you if you don't answer the phone.

@mike Wow I hope that is only during work hours. However I understand.

@adamsdesk Heh, nope. We're two weeks on two weeks off. 24/7.

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