Can someone explain to me what the purpose of the "Hide settings" in Mastodon are for? I click to turn on or off the "Show boots" and "Show replies" and it doesn't do anything. I still see my boots and replies. I've even tried to reload the page after changing a setting.

Maybe @ashfurrow you can shade some light on these settings?

@adamsdesk I’m not sure, sorry. It could be a way to prevent those posts from being inserted into your feed (as opposed to filtering them all out).


@ashfurrow Well not certain that is necessary. Just to me in my Home feed you would think having your own replies, boots and posts would not show up since I was the one that created them. I thought that was what these hide settings would allow me to do.

@adamsdesk yeah, that would make sense. Sorry I don’t have a firm answer here, I’ve never used those settings.

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