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5 powerful governments are working together to take away your right to encryption. Fight back before it's too late.

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Don't let #Apple's new products distract you from their global antitrust claims battle to maintain its subjugation over users globally.

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I'm worried about humanity's future.

A topic, every influencer should talk about, every blogger should post about.

I'd ask others to post on the topic, n share the video to loved ones..

I feel its excruciatingly important to talk about the big picture. The future of mankind.

Come join @UniversalReflections@linuxrocks 's stream while we both play Minecraft

We have just hours left to stop the CRTC from taking control of what we see and hear on the Internet! Tell your MP to say no to Bill C-10

The CRTC just sided with Big Telecom, ruling in favour of more expensive Internet in Canada! Sign the petition RIGHT NOW demanding Cabinet overturn the CRTC’s wholesale decision!

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