This Spider-fan is ready to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. Let the show begin!

Achieved my goal of Inbox 700 today (down from 900). I wonder if I can make Inbox 600. 🤔

Kinda bummed I didn't get selected for grand jury duty. Oh well maybe next time.

@adamkammeyer @halcy has made a fantastic little python script that makes it super simple -

I ran it on my Kubernetes cluster, but there's instructions on how to set it up on Heroku.

First test of GPS on my Raspberry Pi Zero W was a success! I was able to pull the data into gpsprune and see the route I took overlaid on the map.

Next step: converting it to GPX format and uploading to my Nextcloud install.

Ending with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Super excited to see this movie! 🎥☄

Just realized I never finished setting up my profile. 😮 Fixed that.

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