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Want to run a domain (.org/.com etc.) With subdomain features. Recommendations on best provider/cost?

Sharing to stop food waste 

I'm trying out to see what it's like. Not sure if they are on yet. olioex.com/food-waste-in/-/-/1

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Here's a fun fact. The "op-ed" is not an ancient, venerable print tradition.

The modern "op-ed" was invented in the 1970s by the New York Times to stir up drama and get back the readers they had lost to TV news.

Traditionally, newspapers only printed editorials that the owners and/or staff were willing to stand behind.

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Something seems to be up with Australia's and /#PAYE tax system. Issues with where the used income averaging and a clunky programme. It suggests that there is a real data issue within the . Their performance compares poorly with what and Governments have achieved with and . I'd be interested to know where Australia is at with its tax collection & payment systems.

has ads running in the UK with medical staff thanking Uber drivers. What pathetic attempt to insert themselves into the appreciation that UK has had for staff

Thirteen years ago I took my first class. No puedo hablar español bien ahora pero poco a poco todo dia con . No puedo esperar para regresar a españa pronto. Quieres charlar conmigo?

First action for the new owners of - Get the paywall sorted! When you give your work away you are telling people its worthless.

I do hope that keeps going. It's an important (though depleted business). theage.com.au/business/compani I always wished I could afford an or wire subscription.

Hmmm had a look at theconversation.com/nz/charter I'm not sure that they really are what they say they want to be. They produce content that looks to have a large opinion and editorial component produced by salaried academics. It seems to be missing the research or reporting links to justify content which is strange given the authors. Maybe it's more about rasing their profile.

Wow. If we had even a partially smart grid we could be heating our water all day at the moment. Such a pity that UK government's roll out has been such a disaster.


Ok maybe I don't understand you pay to get access and then pay again to access anything you actually want to watch? Seems

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This is a bizarre little story about very well funded and incredibly shady online restaurant delivery services.

"Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage"


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