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Stop Firefox from sending keystrokes to Mozilla:

* Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
* Scroll down to “Address Bar - Firefox Suggest”
* Disable “Contextual suggestions”
* Disable “Include occasional sponsored suggestions”

Or switch to LibreWolf: librewolf-community.gitlab.io

are widely available and been around for years. I have no sympathy for any or provider that didn't their -

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The long list of Facebook's insiders-turned-critics

While many tech firms have had their critics and whistleblowers, #Facebook has a uniquely lengthy roster of ex-employees and former insiders who have sounded alarms over its practices.


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"But second, and far more disturbing, is the notion that web developers should be continually testing their websites against early releases of major browsers."

"That's actually why there are web standards – so developers don't have to do ridiculous things like continually test their websites to make sure they're still working."

"That someone of considerable stature in the Chrome project would think otherwise should be a red flag."


How ‘losing friend to misinformation’ drove Facebook whistleblower and the solution is really simple. If you make any decisions about who sees what you are a

coming back down the river on the tide. The boat is deployed to pump into the river when overflows caused by rain deplete oxygen levels. the-river-thames.co.uk/environ

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I just don't get the Government and Courts in flailing around trying to figure out for publications on and more generally. I guess I need to look at this in more detail. Surely there are two tests here: Is the and/or other parties acting like a network provider or a ( making decisions about who sees what or not), and perhaps secondly - Is the activity being done for commercial gain? theage.com.au/business/compani

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Wintergatan / Marble Machine Channel is going off the rails...

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@humanetech @openrisk
The underlying problem with the gamification of social media is addiction. The feedback mechanisms are insufficiently loaded, so you get dopamine in excess of what's healthy for the effort required. Gamifying an activity with actual productive value is socially positive, but having the feedback mechanism in a walled garden means that the incentives will be manipulated for gardeners

The markets in which social media like Reddit exist aren't governed by scarcity, but by addiction. This outcome of capitalism is as predictable as externalizing costs. As long as there are rules and incentives, they will be gamed

I've got system overload. for storage and collaboration for media for home management and for voice UI. There are links between them all but way too many interfaces..

Ok I need a .. ideas on how to not get shafted buying it or paying for . I'm in the .

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