has ads running in the UK with medical staff thanking Uber drivers. What pathetic attempt to insert themselves into the appreciation that UK has had for staff

Thirteen years ago I took my first class. No puedo hablar español bien ahora pero poco a poco todo dia con . No puedo esperar para regresar a españa pronto. Quieres charlar conmigo?

First action for the new owners of - Get the paywall sorted! When you give your work away you are telling people its worthless.

I do hope that keeps going. It's an important (though depleted business). theage.com.au/business/compani I always wished I could afford an or wire subscription.

Hmmm had a look at theconversation.com/nz/charter I'm not sure that they really are what they say they want to be. They produce content that looks to have a large opinion and editorial component produced by salaried academics. It seems to be missing the research or reporting links to justify content which is strange given the authors. Maybe it's more about rasing their profile.

Wow. If we had even a partially smart grid we could be heating our water all day at the moment. Such a pity that UK government's roll out has been such a disaster.


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so doordash does predatory pricing and opens accounts for restaurants that haven't asked for anything, reselling the food for less than they pay for it (reasoning being that right now they just burn investors' money, and when they're the only ones on the market they'll raise the prices).

A person on HN has exploited that to get free meals to homeless people and make a little money off doordash

guess what HN has to say about it

Ok maybe I don't understand you pay to get access and then pay again to access anything you actually want to watch? Seems

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This is a bizarre little story about very well funded and incredibly shady online restaurant delivery services.

"Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage"


So will this see alot of people in Australia signing up for two or more alternative connections to avoid paying for an overpriced they don't even use? zdnet.com/article/nbn-broadban

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Heads up! #ProtonMail is auctioning off some Lifetime Accounts in support of #Charter97, #BerlinScholarshipProgram of Reporters Without Borders, and #WireGuard.

Find out more about the auctions and the recipients at:

Hmmm I know nothing about but Interesting how try to beat . charter97.org/en/news/2020/5/4 I wonder if an instance or two of would help.. or can it be easily blocked to?

Banging my head against the wall with and configuring it as. VPN client. Help!

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A news subscription without the option? I'm looking for a good global news service that just does reporting. I don't want opinion pieces, I don't want quack 'analysis', I don't want personalities. What are the options?

Seems like the class action lawyers are working full time from home. There has been a noticeable list of lawsuits against the government, local authorities and large businesses based on 'failure to provide' arguement this one is on the basis that free internet and laptops haven't been provided while schools are closed, others I've heard are family members self isolating with disabled people not being able to get online shopping slots .. i wonder how they go..


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GDPR strikes again

> You can’t make access to your website’s content dependent on a visitor agreeing that you can process their data — aka a ‘consent cookie wall’. Not if you need to be compliant with European data protection law.


Looking for a new for my - Needs to be capable of operating at least 4 concurrently across both Wifi bands.. Ideas anyone?

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