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it would be nice if I could associate a picture on #pixelfed with a position on #openstreetmap

Google had something similar, some time ago, it was called Panoramio, I think

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A permanent position for a #SoftwareEngineer at the UK MetOffice.

A great colleague at one of the best places to work (except for the open plan office). Highly professional, not what you would expect after EURO2020.

Mark McCarthy: "Anyone know any scientific software engineers that might be interested in working with historical weather and #climate data? We have a vacancy in my team at the #MetOffice to help develop our observational datasets of UK and global climate🙂"


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FLOSS-App of the week:

It must not always be #googlemaps
You could easily find your target with #openstreetmap

Want to have a bit of fun while walking your dog?

StreetComplete is an easy to use app where you can help mapping your environment.

Have a look at StreetComplete
🔎 f-droid.org/en/packages/de.wes

#opensource #freesoftware #privacy

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Hi #fediverse

Wanna brainstorm some what-ifs?

Federated Moderation: What if Moderation was an #activitypub extension and moderation actions would federate to ease the life of mods + admins?

Delegated Moderation: What if moderators weren't bound to instances, and could just jump in on another instance to help do the work?

Moderation-as-a-Service: What if mods provided their services via federated @activitypub models, gained trust and reputation based on your feedback?


I wonder whether clubs might decide to promote their own instances rather than kissing good bye to all the revenue and engagement opportunities when they promote etc. hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/foot

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The #Signal messenger has become very problematic lately, and most of its problems come from it being centralised.

You may want to follow and support a decentralised messenger project instead, there are many of them on the Fediverse:

➡️ @snikket_im - New initiative giving XMPP servers & clients a newbie-friendly unified look and feel

➡️ @xmpp - The XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @matrix - Matrix is best known for its Element client

➡️ @delta - Messaging through email

➡️ @briar - P2P messaging

To sum up the payment provider I'm going to say in my opinion sending text messages with links to reciepts and with payment links is just encouraging philshing attempts. sumup.co.uk/payment-links/

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Fuck #Google and #Android; I've spent a day trying to figure out why my apps have been closing... sad to say Tusky was one of the first apps I dropped as last installed.

Turns out it was a Google Play Webview issue, now resolved with latest update 😁

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Ridiculous - in NZ and advising people to check their Page for updates on a

Busy morning on the river River operated by passes a Barge being dropped on a mooring while the other heads further upriver.

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Might have identified the reason why the light is no longer working...

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**Jamal Khashoggi: US says Saudi prince approved Khashoggi killing**

"An official report says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the journalist's murder."


#news #bot

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