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BOYCOTT BLINK :zima_yell:

Ok. So I'm avoiding doing things that I actually need to do.. so instead it's trying to get working on my router connected to .. and here's the issue: I don't think I have a clue what I'm doing! ;-)

Anyone in central want to do some social over the holiday break?

So.. the in their infinite wisdom have decided to try to collect details of to build a national database of their locations in conjunction with publically funded .. but do they plan to put the details into something like ? Oh no. Why ? Because they want to make people dependent on calling #999 first? Really? bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/news-fro

So I'm looking around for a that could power a fiber connection, WiFi router(s) and three or four for maybe 4-8 hours ... Input 230v AC. The idea is to provide surge and blackout protection and keep things happy of the fuses tripped and we were out for the day. Ideas anyone?

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UI Pet Peeve: Don't use flags of countries for language selection.

It doesn't work for English (Union Jack? Star-Spangled Banner?), forces Austrians to click on the flag of a neighbor country, and lets large parts of Africa only choose the flag of a former colonizer.

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@jon enabling #RSS would be a "great first issue" in the liberating road paved by #activitypub 🙂

Seriously though, it is simply *inexcusable* that, especially, public entities disable / remove RSS feeds and ask people to join them in the X,Y,Z platform to get updates

Hmm ideals for reliable 4 power supplies on a budget? I seem to have an endless demand for power. So many devices...

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Hi, I'm Mark Zuckerberg, and I would like to personally welcome you to my new freshly rebranded company,


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Stop Firefox from sending keystrokes to Mozilla:

* Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
* Scroll down to “Address Bar - Firefox Suggest”
* Disable “Contextual suggestions”
* Disable “Include occasional sponsored suggestions”

Or switch to LibreWolf: librewolf-community.gitlab.io

are widely available and been around for years. I have no sympathy for any or provider that didn't their -

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The long list of Facebook's insiders-turned-critics

While many tech firms have had their critics and whistleblowers, #Facebook has a uniquely lengthy roster of ex-employees and former insiders who have sounded alarms over its practices.


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"But second, and far more disturbing, is the notion that web developers should be continually testing their websites against early releases of major browsers."

"That's actually why there are web standards – so developers don't have to do ridiculous things like continually test their websites to make sure they're still working."

"That someone of considerable stature in the Chrome project would think otherwise should be a red flag."


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